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Today Yesterday Tomorrow Will be Furthered

“The what is is exactly what it is.” (Tanikka Paulk). What’s being built some may not try to understand. All shouldn’t be in on what’s occurring here nor there. There are some continuing to misunderstand are they without the ability to understand? It seems as though so many are at least trying to pretend as if they’re without any understanding at all. What occurred yesterday is gone today is freshly written, tomorrow is unseen right now. “What I’ve discovered thus far could be discussed in the future!” By: Tanikka Paulk.

There’s the future but how many are considering how important the future is to so many? Some may say that there should be focus on what’s occurring “right” now but there needs to be preparations for the future. How many agree? There could be many surprises there are some in tuned with surprises and others aren’t in tuned. There is so much focus on the areas that truly matter. The exploring of newness continues the thoughts of gaining more knowledge will still occur. There is hope even when it appears as if the day is gloomy. My hopefulness hasn’t left no matter what’s said.

What really happened yesterday? Some could possibly be unaware of what actually occurred. Yes there are some willing to forget what yesterday held. Tomorrow will “be different” from today. Already discovered but there is more to discover future wise. There’s the continued transformations the transforming of the body and mind. There connections either stay connected or will move away. There’s gladness in knowing that there will be many breakthroughs. Yes indeed there will be. My focus is on the abundance better is here and continuing to make the necessary moves in order to develop more stability.

I’m here right now but perhaps in the future there will be the other destination. There has to be some movement in order for growth to occur. “Growth is necessary but how many are willing to allow the growth to occur?” (Tanikka Paulk). Proceeding is quite helpful. There will be more building although it may appear as though the progress has slowed down. There is still progress today and there shall be progress tomorrow. There’s more than the vocalized sayings there’s the actions. Actions are what gets People’s attention.

Continuing to create brighter futures. Prosperity is what shall occur although there will be some disagreeing with whom should prosper. God already knows and has already declared even though mankind tries to stop the prospering from occurring. The purpose has been set. There’s the information, confirmations, and the selecting of. There are so many wanting to know what’s planned to occur tomorrow. They’ll haveĀ  to wait and see what will occur. That’s what they’ll have to do.

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