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Have You Barked Up A Wrong Tree? What Response Have You Received From The Person?
April 21, 2017

Is this common to human beings barking up a wrong tree? For me, we cannot avoid this thing if the person is close to us, if not, never will I do. I do not know your stand about this issue if having experience this in your life. Others might have unconsciously do it to get sympathy from the listener and there are also friends of us that are so consciously aggressive to know what happens so that there is something our friend could tell to others too, LOL. That is why let us never bark up a wrong tree for we might feel down if insulted by the person though he or she is a friend. The person might get irritated and annoyed. One time my co worker enters the office so cranky and it seems all people in the office are her enemies. She then wildly threw her books on the floor and muttered abusive words. She also uttered vulgar and offensive words.

Our boss arrived and observed the deafening silence in the office. Our boss heard our mad co-teacher murmured the vulgar words at the midst of silence and after she has spoken what happened? Smoke came out from the ears of our boss, our program head when our mad co-teacher said “animal.” Of course her attention was called and she was supposed to be subject for dismissal from work due to her attitude problem. She was barking up a wrong tree. Her enemy was her neighbor who threw dead cat in front of their home. She was so funny it seems we were all her enemies. After a year she was not recommended to teach in our university for she is always misunderstood. She lost her nice job and it was hard for her to find another school to teach for she will be required to submit her profile and certification endorsing her as best teacher in the previous school. She may escape submitting it, but she will not be promoted fast. It is hoped that she would never do again to others barking up a wrong tree.

If you are angry and if working in school or in an office, leave your problem and anger in your house. Let it be cooked by time and cooled off by moment. Your work will surely be affected. If you are a teacher, your students will be the recipients of your anger and you might be reported to heads, so hey, think first before you do to avoid dismissal of work and pain of losing a job. The same way in an office, your workmates will surely insult you for why they you are mad at when they are not the concerned culprits of your anger and encounter. Though your blood bursts with too much anger cool it down by diverting your feeling to other things seen along the way .Look at the tall trees, the long and dusty roads. Loot at the towering mountains and have a dream and plan to climb one of them as a very good exercise to energize your body and soul. Why soul is included? It is simply because when your conscious being is so happy, so with your soul, if angry, so with your soul soaring high like hell on earth. LOLS.

Madness equals insanity, why because you are taking non-serious problems seriously affecting all your body parts and shutting closures to your promising dream and lavishing moments with your high salary and handsome boyfriend, LOL. The love of your life will surely feels down if learn that your attitude cannot even swallowed by a mad dog. What is best is to enjoy life to the fullest for we only live once. There are children who also blame their parents for having a miserable life. This is so because some parents allow their children to see them, husband-wife fighting in words and harming each other physically. That is why there are children having nervous and emotional breakdown for they are too young to understand the cause of chaos in their parents. Other children may grow following the footsteps of their parents for history may repeat itself, thus unavoidable karma may happen to the innocent minds when they become parents someday. Parents serve as model to children; therefore, nurture onto their young minds the best values that may never depart from them when they grow old (Philosophy of John Locke). Life is not easy this time and many feel cranky of the recent situation of the economy of the world that may affect the whole planet, plus the continuous chaos that always trigger our emotions to ask why big and superior countries do not corroborate their powers to destroy the enemies.

Some persons cannot hold their temper if they are suffering mal function of their blood and heart will be affected, so they needed sympathy, so this is case to case scenario. Let us not also fight back the persons barking up at us wrongly for what our friend feel is not easy. Our friends need someone to listen them to convert their present mood to normal mood. There are people like them lacking attention maybe during their childhood they were not trained to become strong persons. Everything starts at home and parents ‘role play is vital to have their children someday emotionally and spiritually independent and strong. There are people by birth born weak and we cannot blame them and their parents for that kind of attitude is already in their genes, yet the brain they have can resolve some critical issues when associate or make friends with classmates during high school and college brave and independent. That would surely help them. Their peer also plays vital to the development of their mind and heart. Those who continue doing a problematic attitude, help is what they need and not to put them down. They are humans and entitled to experience life in full treatment of the society.

Those are backgrounds of life why there are people that cannot adjust their emotions. They lack attention and care, so we have to show our care to them. Though they may wrongly barking up at you, just smile, relax and allow their mood to shift for after that they will be cool again and back to their senses. They just want someone to listen to their raging feeling but no harming at all if not entertained their mood. Life is full of mystery after all hard to define we just ride on to make life easy and cool.

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