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Mobile Phones: A Necessary Evil and friend also.
May 8, 2017

Mobile phones have become necessity of life nowadays, but somewhere we are not using it correctly. Mobiles are technically advanced & have too many options like Hi-tech games, radio, and internet, downloading, etc. Everyone from youngsters to old aged uses mobile phones for different purposes.  But teenagers use it for texting, music, games & net surfing.
We have started to rely upon the cell phones now. With a touch alarm blows & we wake up, easy conversation is possible, reminders & notes to make you alert, social chats to remove the distance, in fact GPS for navigation. But it’s a distraction which can bring harm to us, life & property. Mobiles can damage the brain as well.
You are no more secure, as your social life will be completely destroyed. No personal distances, no privacy at all, as anyone can dig into your life through social sites. It can also leads to wrong practices also like hacking the data, damage, unwanted blank/fake calls etc.
Parents are really annoyed because of the cell phones addiction of the teen agers as they keep their phones with them everywhere like using it while dinning, studying, shopping, at schools/colleges. It has supported the wrong habits in them. Sometimes students tend to cheat in examination by taking their cell phones with them in examination centre.
The major issue attached with the cell phones is health problems. Excessive use of mobiles leads to problems like Migraines, weak eyesight, can bring damage to your brain as well. On petrol pumps mobiles are asked to be turned off, but these teen agers generally ignore it, which leads to big explosion also. Isn’t this a risk to life & property?
Look at the major negatives attached to the mobile phones.

“¢    No privacy

“¢    Threat to life & property

“¢    Health hazardous

“¢    Disturbance to life

“¢    Invitation to bad practices, etc

Still it’s a great invention which needs to be used in right ways. Mobile phones are useful in a lot of situations but make sure it should not become the controller of your life.

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