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Happy married life is indeed possible for those who are ready to give what it demands. Marriage was instituted by God for the good of humanity, and it is designed to make life great, and complete. Here, I want to discuss few steps that keep happiness in marriage.


Forgiveness is one of the ingredients that can always keep the spices in marriage working. Many people find it difficult to say ‘I am sorry, forgive me’.  This requires understanding and living peaceably with one another, including your spouse. Don’t give room to the devil by allowing hatred in your relationship. Learn to forgive your spouse when he or she offends you, and ask for forgiveness when you offend your spouse. We must allow mercy to prevail, no matter the offence.

Some men find it difficult to say” I’m sorry, please forgive me,” because of their ego. Don’t let ego stand between you and a happy marriage. Inability to forgive and ask for forgiveness by either spouse is a reason for problems in many homes today.

Hebrews 12:14 advises that we ” follow peace with all men…”

Following peace with all men – inclusive of your spouse.


Financial matters can not be removed from a happy marriage. It is not the big volume of money in your marriage that gives you rest, but rest comes from being a good manager of money. As a man, it’s your responsibility to locate a job that can yield profit. Your spouse should know your source of income and how much you earn, so she doesn’t make unnecessary demands. Avoid selfishness; give to each other. Build trust in your spouse in financial matters. As a spouse always make sure you have a record of your expenses for the purpose of accountability. Spouses need to be accountable, both to God and to one another. Responsibility and accountability prevent financial trouble and division in the home.


Having a harmonious relationship with your in-laws contributes to making a happy home. It is your responsibility to build a peaceful relationship with them, treat them as you would treat your blood relations. Recognize that you have a responsibility, no matter how little. Take time to get to know your in-laws and show them the love of Christ. Learn to relate with them, because they all play a part in your spouse’s life, therefore accepting them is a seed of love that guarantee a positive harvest in your marriage.

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