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Career Opportunities for Big Data Professionals
May 12, 2017

Big Data is one of the most rapidly growing technological tools in the industry today.  It has moved on to become a lot more than just a buzz word! In the present IT arena, Big Data professionals are highly revered as well as demanded for the sheer utility of this technology.

As the need to make data driven decisions is surging day by day, businesses today have come to terms with the fact that a good database backend is the key for a progressing business organization. With the magnanimous amounts of data being generated every moment in the business industry, the need for good database skills is rising with every passing day. The need of the hour is proper organization, storage and retrieval of necessary data which is available in heaps!

Big Data professionals have the best time for making it big in the industry. The current Big Data market is predicted to be valued at $46.34 billion and by the year 2018 the numbers are expected to double! The infrastructure provided by this raging technology has made it one of the top-notch services for businesses dealing with large amounts of data.

Hadoop, which is not differentiated much from the Big Data backend technology, is also expected to growth magnanimously in the coming years. Big Data professionals have the best time to reap the benefits of the growing trend and investors have the perfect time to invest in cloud computing technologies like Big Data. Federal agencies, private organizations and many more businesses are investing everyday in this sturdily growing back-end tech.

Gone is the age when still experimentation was being carried out on the Big Data technology, these days there is a heavy flux of software technologies which are dependent on the same. The usage of Big Data at back-end is expected to rise to almost 25% in total organizational production environment.

The demand of Big Data professionals is the greatest in the professional arena, followed by the scientific, technical, IT, manufacturing, finance, insurance and retail sectors. The percentage of growth in job demand for Big Data professionals is very high in the previously mentioned sectors and is also expected to rise in other unexplored areas as well.

The surging demand for sales representatives who are skilled with Big Data skills will be breaking roofs by the end of the year 2017 and will continue to grow even beyond.

Big Data professionals have a promising career for themselves and land lucrative job profiles like Information Security Analysts, Management Analysts, Management Analysts and Information Security Analysts.

Big honchos in the field of IT like IBM, EMC, Oracle and Cisco are among the top recruiters for Big Data professionals. Various engineering traits have evolved keeping in mind the growing trend of database technologies. There is no dearth of job opportunities in the Big Data market and the current trends are a living testimony for the same. Job portals like Indeed, Dice, Glassdoor and a lot more to count provide a very obvious picture of the requirement for Big Data jobs.

If you are looking to add Big Data skills to your profile, there wouldn’t be a better time to go for it right now!

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