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I’m Going to Keep Standing Firm

The battle continues. It appears as though so many believe that they have a right to my journey and my work. Clearly they’re mistaken because the work has the name “Tanikka Paulk” there. There’s so much proof and although the groups of People continuously come up against me=Tanikka Paulk I’m continuing because of God. They’ll called evildoers. God will see that the persons receive their discipline which is called “The Wrath of God.” No matter how many attacks are projected I’m proceeding because God already declared it is so. There will be continued reading of the Word. I’m going to continue to pray.

There are many evil forces and they’ll constantly attack the anointed. How does one deal with the attacks? The best way to deal with the attacks is to pray and keep on the Full Armor of God. No man can over power God. God has overcome the World meaning that mankind can’t defeat God. Satan tried to defeat God, Satan wanted to rule over God, God casted Satan to hell. Satan time is running out and he’s trying to gather as many souls as he can. So many will allow themselves to be used by Satan. They’ll be ordered to come up against the anointed one. “There will be a confirmation or confirmations that a person is anointed.” By: Tanikka Paulk. My purpose continues and the evildoers will receive what God promised.

There are many faces awaiting for my demise. The attacks administered haven’t caused a cease. The journey continues to move forward. The words spoken haven’t caused fear. I’ve spoken to Jesus Christ and received confirmations from God. In order to get to God one has to go through Jesus Christ. No man can become God or Jesus Christ but so many continue to think so. “I’m advocating and will continue to do so.” (Tanikka Paulk). So many think that they’re able to undo what God already declared. They’ll attack but what does God have to say? God already spoken.

what I’ve faced so many are too afraid to face. They’ve challenged me=Tanikka Paulk over and over. They’ve invaded in my work. They’re trying to destroy me=Tanikka Paulk but I’m favored by God. God designed my purpose and even when they think that I’m not worthy. God will intervene. Some have already suffered the Wrath of God. There are some unable to tell their story. There is no need for me=Tanikka Paulk to worry because God already have spoken the words in which He wants His children to receive. Yes, there will be men wanting to take on the role of God, and they’ll receive their punishment.

The Bible states that there should be a penny of pay to every man. Although they’ve tried to prevent my earning I’m still continuing. They’ve tried to cause my death and I’m still continuing. There will be justice served. There will be the discipline in which they deserve. Their thinking process is altered. I’ve been betrayed by many. There is still a smile on my face. I’m continuing to receive the victory! Glory and Grace is apart of my journey and I’m it.(Tanikka Paulk). Perhaps there are so many unwilling to accept that God declared it to be so. Glory!


My name is Tanikka Paulk and I’m an advocate called the Mommy Advocate. I’ve also stated that i’m an activist which some may disagree. I’m so and it has been declared. I’m not concerned about what’s said about me=Tanikka Paulk because I’m a believer and will continue to seek God/Lord and Jesus Christ. Mankind can try to kill me=Tanikka Paulk but my main goal is to make it to Heaven. There will be no strife there and there won’t be any evildoers. Thank God. I’ve placed in some of my work Thank you and you=Tanikka Paulk. Amen!

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To Live Peacefully Amongst a Troubled Society
January 12, 2018

God has spoken to His Children referring to how we’ll have to experience troubles. There’s no person without adversities. There will be  some having to deal with more than others but we’ll all go through the storms. So many faced going through hardships and for some they’re unable to cope. In order to remain within peacefulness one will need to find outlets which will assist with obtaining “peace.” There will be wars between Nations and so many may not understand why we’re exposed to such difficulties. For so many they’ve come across the evils within society. There seems to be a disconnection of humanity. Mankind continues to try to destroy what is good.

What Will we Face Tomorrow

One may never know what tomorrow will bring. There’s a lot to discover and perhaps tomorrow we’ll discover more than we’ve discovered today. The challenges faced doesn’t mean that we’re doomed. Challenges can incur more strength which is needed in order to  transform from one point to another. If we’re being exposed to lots of adversities then it’s important to pray. Prayer will help get through the troubles. There are so many troubled each moment in time. They’ve forgotten how to conquer. Society needs more loving individuals. “Love” will and has conquered. “Love has allowed what some insist on contributing in order to see the good and discern what may be viewed as troubling. ” By: Tanikka Paulk

Yes there has been fatigue when having to deal with so many troubling events. There has to be a decision to move forward despite what I’ve faced. What so many have perceived they’ve been found to be incorrect. We’ll find what is necessary in order to produce a more sound Nation. Society has certainly caused destruction. In time we’ll incur what is needed to put together a more stable environment, community, and society. There is peace when we learn to tune out the distractions. If so many are more focused on causing disruptions then they’re adding little value to what society really needs.

There is “purpose.” Not all will generate what will help society become whole. There’s so much to learn. Have we learned? Perhaps we’re too bullheaded. There is “light.” The light continues to move ahead. No matter how broken society becomes there will be persons willing to m proceed. There will be sorrow, tears cried when the pain reigns in, there will be thoughts of how long will the troubles continue? Going to the word has helped in so many ways. There is peace within the word. The Full Armor of God continues to remain in tact. I’m continuing to keep on the armor.

Day has arrived. There will be completeness and although there has been many adversities to face. God has allowed the journey to continue forward. Continuing is what I’m thinking about. There is a smile knowing that I’ve been chosen to adhere to a path in which God has felt that I’m equipped to face. “No matter how many negative words float about. I’m filled with joyfulness and believe that I’m victorious within my path.” By: Tanikka Paulk. So what mankind projects there is hope. Being filled with the words in which God has spoken has really helped deal with the matters in which society continues to project.

The problems aren’t reasons to give up or to give into what so many continue to project. Timing is important and when God is ready to intervene He will. God has sent His son Jesus Christ to die for every persons sin and He continues to demonstrate just how much love He has for all of His children. There is protection by wearing the “Full Armor of God.” There is hopefulness when meditating on the word. There is peacefulness when tuning out the negatives which can cause setbacks. “To think positively continues to generate further developments.

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