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Certainly Most Certainly not Everyone’s Vision
December 12, 2017

Some persons simply do not understand that they’re not invited on a path to “purpose.” My purpose isn’t every person’s purpose. What was and is designed for a person doesn’t belong to all persons. No matter how many times such information is explained there are some who simply don’t understand. There may be a shout, “Not Invited,” meaning if there isn’t an invitation then stop trying to tag along. No person should want to tag along on a persons journey. We’re given talents of our own and gifts so why should we keep trying to come along on a journey which isn’t ours?

What is designed for one may not be designed for another. Persons continuously trying to sabotage growth and productivity will find that they’ll be blocked from all areas pertaining to a journey. Some just won’t understand or refuse to understand. There are some individuals who really don’t need to be anywhere near the path. It can be difficult to proceed when there’s so many keep trying to engage in off limit areas. Despite what’s said or done we should continue and if we’re suppose to cease then that’s what will occur. It’s pretty difficult to try to tear down what God has ordained.

Some aren’t even thinking clearly. They’r thoughts are towards trying to make sure that there are less pathways. Of course if we’re determined enough then we’ll be able to conquer whatever is set in our way. We’ll find out whose qualified to proceed along the path and the ones who think they’re qualified to come along could be mistaken. The Creativity was Given and my Creativity Isn’t all Persons Creativity.” (Tanikka Paulk).So many individuals continue to place more weight on a person or person trying to rise up! We’ll keep butting heads if there’s no understanding.

It’s amazing how so many refuse to think confidently. If they’re confident then they’ll stop trying to drag others down and live their own dreams. Some may claim to be inspired but are trying to disconnect one from the dreams, vision, and ideas. “Fairness is when we stop invading on a journey.” (Tanikka Paulk) There should be a decision to move in our own directions. To think that every person has traveled along side individuals while on their journey simply isn’t logical thinking. We’re unable to come along with every person and we shouldn’t even want to to. We should try to live our own dreams and stop being pull downs.

If they’re unwilling to understand that not all our welcome then they’ll find that there will be many adversities. It’s no different than the ‘Do not Disturb” sign. Allowing persons to get ahead will ensure that we’ll experience more prosperity. Due to so many not understanding we’ll notice a decline within their success. Moving away from what isn’t their path is a better choice. Keep trying to enter in areas in which there is no calling can result in persons being disconnected from what could have been glorious.

“The Journey is Similar to the Musical Notes Played on a Piano.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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