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    Knowledge is power I strong agree. The differences between a living soul and a death soul is that a living soul have life and knowledge and a death soul has none, but in a situation whereby the living soul has only life but has no knowledge that person is as good as a death soul, cause even animals has knowledge, is just like building a train without a rail or a train without an engine, like me I so much believe that my best part of knowledge is what defines who I am not the not the breath or life inside me, so for me to go in a day without acquiring a new knowledge adding to the one I have already, I will begine to be troubled if my body system is withering up, cause I am the type that believe in new knowledge everyday which is the source of my power.

    • Agree with you what you have to say. We have to keep aquiring knowledge each day as we need food and water for our health so is knowledge important for our mind which is to be fed and nurtured well. The day this process stops we as good as not being their in the world. Keep writing and comments and articles. Best wishes and regards.