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    Manoj Lamba posted an update 3 years ago

    Hello everyone, I am a new user on this site. I have just registered on this website to learn and earn. I hope other members will guide me to proceed on this site to learn about new things and earn good money. Thanking in advance – Manoj Kumar Lamba

    • Ruby replied 3 years ago


      I also joined last March 13, 2017, Is it okay if I you as friend?

      Since the time I signed up, I earned $1.0080.

      The site is good. The admins are helpful. Some members are there to help you. Join groups as many as you want. Add friends.

      If you have a 300-word article, click the “write here” on top of the screen and click “post here”. Either you type directly or you save articles on word and then “copy paste” it on the “post here”.

      You earn rewards by doing the following:

      Daily Log In: $0.001
      300-word article: $0.15
      post update: $0.001
      comments on any article: sorry, not sure.

      Just browse on other members and look for articles you want to comment to.


    • Ruby replied 3 years ago

      Thanks for accepting my friend request