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    Hi guys. Sharing one of my posts that I find useful, specially for beginners
    1. Keto is a lifestyle not a tool for rapid weight loss that you use once, get back to old habits and come back to loose again. Yo yoing has never been good and will never be
    2. Keto health improvement by far outnumbers weight loss e.g. my migraines and tummy issues are gone (after I stopped eating gluten containing products, and I was never diagnosed with intolerance much less allergy)
    3. Keto is based on real food, food that you look at and don’t need to look at ingredients – a cow is a cow, an egg is an egg, a tomato is a tomato
    4. I go for organic products but where I live they are hard to find, so, better eating real food not organic than trashy food
    5. Listen to your body. Hungry? Eat. Feel satiated? Stop
    6. Although each case is a case and biological individuality is a key factor, it does not mean that some products/foods will be ok. There are some foods that are not ok, simply because of the detrimental effects they have on our health. Not always the effects are macro and can be visible at the naked eye, many effects are microscopic and take time to develop.
    7. During the beginning go cold turkey. Avoid products that mimic bread, pasta, rice specially if they do contain non approved keto foods. It can be hard but it pays of quickly, as soon as you see cravings disappear, energy rocketing, weight/measures loss coming and health improving
    8. Read, read, read and read. Keto entails a lot of reading and self education
    9. Just because someone says a certain food is ok, does not mean it is. You may even loose weight but you can be at the same time loosing health without even knowing. There is a list of all keto approved foods at the pinned post/blog
    10. Calculate your macros, according to your stats. Stick to them and make adjustments as needed.Recalculate every 10lbs lost
    11. Input your daily meals (ahead) on an app of your choice. Do not choose to input recipes inserted by others as it can lead to errors. Input ingredients one by one and it will give you a fairly good idea of how you are doing
    12. Plan ahead – yes I know we are busy but it is key, at least in the beginning. I used to plan all my weekly meals, calculate macros, and prep, from Saturday to Sunday, that is how i made it an it worked
    13. Don’t panic if you don’t loose for a time, it happens, give it time
    14. Don’t go jumping for fat fast or egg fast just because you did not loose for a week, again, give it time. Remember that you cannot expect to loose in a flash the weight you’ve been putting on a lifetime. Egg and fat fasts are only advised after being keto adapted. IF is advised if coming naturally, as it happens if you follow keto right
    15. Be careful when advising/helping/replying to people. Not always your opinion is correct, not always people know the basics, not always what we think is right. By leading someone to something that is not right (although with you it worked) can lead to frustration, derail, disappointment or even people quitting this WOE because it simply does not work for them
    16.Our duty is to inform, according to our principles and the way we follow keto. Everyone is then free to choose his/her path but well informed. Sometimes its not what you want to hear or read but its just the way it is in every aspect of our life.