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    I saw my ex_girlfriend today, in one restaurant, she is drinking fanta with her new boyfriend, and when she saw me drinking Eva_wine, she told her boyfriend that she need #Eva_wine , frozen chicken, fried rice, and salads, her boyfriend quickly ordered for it, I know that she is asking for all that, to show me that she have been living fine, as a cool guy, I just pack they watch them….the boyfriend suddenly went outside, in the name of urinating, I already know that he is running away, but i kept quiet….Now the kin bae is through with her enjoyment, and she start calling his number, but is switched off, and she have no money with her, she keep on starring at me, but i was busy drinking my wine, not long the waiter came for his money, and she was just there crying like a baby, when the restaurant owner came, the conditions given to her is to pay her bills, or keep washing plates till when they are satisfied, the bill is upto six thousand naira, I have the money, but i can’t pay for her, cause she broke my heart.
    As am talking to u right now, she is still washing plates, please friends hope I didn’t do anything bad.