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    Thre are so many ways that we can make the world a better place. which can help one another feel peace and joy as we live together . this are just but a few of them.

    I f we buy something from a charity shop ask them to keep change or pay double to help in what they are doing
    we can also carry stress ball to be be squeezing when we feel under preasure to avoid bad reaction from uorself
    giving your lottery money to a good corse ie having it used in charity work and so many other ways
    switching off your mobile phone before going into a cinema for it is likely to destruct the people around you and even yourself
    bringing birds into your life ;getting a bird table and protecting them from attacks from cats by making sure that the cats have the bell on the neck
    joinning a union that help the communty in the development
    considering doing alot of walking than driving since driving brings our unwated gasses in the air which affects us or consider buying a new breed of zero emmission vehicles
    putting an brick in your toilet to cistern to reduce teh amount of water used in flushing
    giving out your old computer to someone who can use it in improving himself and earning a living through it
    always going out as much as posible and avoiding staying in for that will be laziness
    always writing down the number of mistakes you have made in a day and seeing how you can improve them and also look for more for that is the only way to improve and learn.
    if by any chance you have a clothe that you have not worn for sometime give it out to friends or relatives or charity shop to gladen a heart
    watch ispirational fils as many times as posible for you will be inspired that much
    always plant 2 trees when one is cut down at your garden or local communal space
    organise once in a while a party for people in your street ask them to bring pictrures of themselves at young age. supply lots of booze and food; get out twister if you really getting on
    ditch going to gym and join a team aroung you so as you can be doing things together with people rather that doing it alone in the gym
    register as a blood donor or argan donor which will make someones life be saved
    always giving equal rights to childern as the way you do to adult. also give people as many rights as you give to yourself
    always taking responsibilties to a problem as avoiding as much as posible to blame others
    try as much as you can to use small shop in oder to promote small busness and help the grow financialy rather than using malls and supermarkets
    taking a mug into work insted of using styrofoam cups . campaign to abolish third world dept-the new millenium most preesin cause
    considering someones sugestion by saying yes making them smile and fell good about themselves
    if you are a christian read the koran and if you are a muslim read the bible and so on you are not at all religious. read all of them
    if you a choice travel by train not a plain to make you migle with people for a good timr and great more friends everwhere you go
    encouraging children to become leaders. it will teach them how to care others
    make a call to someone you havent seen for a long time and just get to know how they are doing.
    avoid talking while in a cinema. it will make those around you uncomfortable and will destruct there peace in there.
    carry mints when going to the dentist. do not inflict bad breath to anyone
    take a plant into your office, or a packet of biscuits, or buy buy tea at the office premises including the cleaners and the gate men and women
    plant green plants in window boxes on the street side of your home to help combact car polution
    always say thank you for the good deed done and more so just write a thank you letter to the people involved
    listen to songs that make you fell at one with the world. or sons that makes you stand up for yourself
    stop abusing trafic police men and women. say hello to them and do not snort afterwards
    avoiding shouting at children especially if they are not yours. always speak to them in a low tone and help them understand how you feel about something
    get more sleep and dont drive when you are tired.
    when buying a magazine or something dont just give money and go stop for a little chat with the seller.
    find out the names of the people and use them most especialy security guards,cleaners,and canteen staff at your place of work and use them and stop refering them with the job they do and many other small and simple things that do matter in this life.