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    These are the seven major principles of purpose that will help us understand God’s original intent for us at creation.

    * God is a God of purpose. This is very true
    * God created everything with a purpose. everything here
    animals, trees, flowers, water, light etc
    * Not every purpose is known to us because we have lost our
    understanding of God’s original intent for us.
    * Where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable. (this is my
    major point of emphasis) almost all humans are guilty of this
    part especially we Africans. an average African man will buy a
    new set of home appliances, fix and use them without reading
    the manual. within 6 months something has gone bad in it, then
    he runs to the dealer because it came with 2 year warranty.
    you know why we don’t read the manual? i too know! i dey too
    smart, this small thing, no time to read the manual abeg! we
    need to take time and study before we use it. this applies even
    more to relationships between a woman and a man, women to
    women and men to men. when we come to recognize and
    understand that we were created for a purpose and how we
    are to function,we would not abuse each other but accept and
    compliment the other.
    * To discover the purpose of a something, never ask the creation,
    ask the Creator.
    * We find our purpose only in the mind our Maker. this means if
    you want to understand your wife or husband better, you need
    to find out what was in the mind of the Maker before his/her
    creation. same applies for any other relationship
    * God’s purpose is the key to our fulfillment.

    Taken from the author – Dr. Myles Munroe

    NB ……The purpose of a thing, determines its nature, its design and its features!!!!