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April 25, 2017

Eating has always been a fun thing to do specially when you are with your friends! Pampanga, a province in the country Philippines is known for it’s famous and delicious cuisine making it remarkable as the “culinary capital of the Philippines”. The Philippines was colonized by the Spain. A lot of cultures and practices from the way of clothing to religion and habitual routines were in influenced by the Spaniards. From these The Filipino people were used to the adoption they been into. According to the history of Pampanga, The Spaniards were the first person who gave them an idea to cooking. They were the ones who first taught them the basic way and techniques of cooking. The People in Pampanga used these simple methods taught by the Spaniards. They applied this to their daily cooking habit and even improved the flavor and aroma, they haven’t just stopped there from the improving taste to the main dishes. The people of Pampanga tried different kinds of animal meat and even insects! For their unique cooking. making them known as good cooks.

Here below are some of the famous dishes invented by the people of Pampanga that you will surely be curious of and might make you want to go here in the Philippines and have a taste of them.

1) Buro
– This is the people of Pampanga’s way of preserving or fermenting cooked rice. This is sour but flavorful in taste. This dish is partnered with grilled fish or pork or even vegetables like gilled eggplant, grilled gumbo , bitter gourd etc.

"buro" with grilled eggplant, grilled bitter gourd and grilled gumbo /"okra"

“buro” with grilled eggplant, grilled bitter gourd and grilled gumbo /”okra”

2) Adobong Puting Daga
– Adobo is a famous and delicious dish in the Philippines this is originally made with either pork or chicken meat. But in Pampanga instead of using pork or chicken meat, they chose to use Rat meat! But don’t worry! This rat met is edible. This Rats are the ones in your houses or canals. This Rats are found in farmlands they eat grains and crops. The meat of this farm rat is also as good as pork or chicken meat. This meat is seasoned with garlic chives, laurel leaf and Vinegar.2014_12_15_23_09_30






3)  Pritong Palaka

  • this is also one of the exotic food in Pampanga, this are frog washed with scramble eggs and coated with bread crumbs and fried in boiling oil. The frogs used in this dish are also edible because these frogs are not like any other frogs you can see from canals and streets. These frogs are alsoo found in rice fields and farmland so basically this frogs are clean and not poisonous. The taste is also flavorful like any other Fried chicken but the difference is it is more flavourful. This is deliciously serves the tasty “sawsawan” made from vinegar with garlic and any other condiments.  filename-4-jpg-thumbnail0








-this dish may be fried, sautéed or in adobo too. You need to be brave enough bofore eating this insect dish lol. “kamaru” is the term called by the people in Pampanga. It means “crickets” so basically the main ingredient for this weird dish is cricket. So this is a must try food for you when you visit Pampanga, Philippines! No turning back!





5) Pindang damulag

  • is also one of the most famous food in the Philippines that was originated in Pampanga.  This is also Sour yet sweet in taste because it is Preserved Carabao meat. This is endearingly delicious and flavorful when preserved for a long period of time.  This is best eaten with freshly chopped tomatoes and Fried rice. Once you went here and was able to taste it? I’mm sure you’ll like it and you’ll crave for more!



6) Sisig

  • This is The best! this is the MOST famous food found in Pampanga Philippines. This has been tasted by a lot of foreigners and eventually they really gave a good reaction and crave for more!. this dish is a savory meat taste. best eaten with or even main course. The pork meat is really tasty and flavorful. It is made with chopped pork, Chicken liver, onion and bell pepper topped with egg. It is served on a sizzling plate. Crunchy and on the first till the last bite!




So what are you waiting for? Come and visit Pampanga, Philippines for you to be able to taste different exotice foods that you’ll surely love!


Sweet Dessert: Coconut Pudding with Leftover Mungo beans
April 25, 2017

The current weather is getting hotter than usual.


In order to cool down the temperature, I often try different types of cool beverages and desserts to cool off for my kids instead of pumping them with ice-creams or soda drinks.


Recently, I found out that besides boiling Mung Beans Soup, I could reused the soften mung beans for making puddings that my kids loved best. One of the best pudding in my household is Coconut Pudding with Mungo Beans.


Mung Beans Soup is simple to prepare.

Just bring to boil a pot of water with washed raw mung beans for 1-2 hours before adding rock sugar and screwpine leaves.


Most kids prefer to drink up the sweet flavored sweet instead of eating up the mushy mung beans. So, you can save up the remainder mung beans to make pudding desserts instead of discarding them into the bin.


ALternatively, if you prefer fresh mung beans, you can boil the mung beans on the day you plan for making the sweet dessert. Just repeat the same steps that I had mentioned above, except for adding the sugar and the screwpine leaves. Leave those out because you will be adding the sugar into the pudding later.


When you boil a pot of water with the raw mungo beans, it will take at least 1.5 hours for them to soften and starts splitting the shells out of the beans. Therefore, the pressure cooker comes in handy in this part. You will save both the gas and time by using the pressure cooker. It will save at least 50% of the cooking time and gas compare to the normal pot boiling process.


Alternatively, you could use the slow cooker to cook the mungo beans in advance. Either overnight or early in the morning.


Strain the mungo beans, mix a little honey to the mungo beans water and give your kids for a refreshing drink.


As for the beans,mash them with the back of a stainless stell fork. Then add them into the pudding mixture when boiling it. The pudding mixture should thickens as it boils, thus making the mungo beans bind well with it.


Remember to allow the pudding to cool off before chilling them in the fridge. I would prefer to use the baking tray to save up the space in the fridge.







Mung Bean Pudding with Coconut Milk



  • 1 pack pudding mix
  • 150g raw mungo beans
  • 150g white coarse sugar or rock sugar
  • 1 cup thick coconut milk
  • 3 -4 cups of water




  • Wash and drain the mungo beans 3x.
  • Then boil the mungo beans with water for 1.5 hours until the beans split and soften.
  • Drain them, remove the husk of the mungo beans. Retain the yellow beans.
  • Mash them with the back of a stainless steel fork. Set aside. ALlow to cool off.
  • In another pot, pour in 3 cups of water, allow to boil.
  • Pour in the pudding mix, sugar, coconut milk and keep stirring.
  • Keep simmering until the liquid thickens.
  • Turn to low heat.
  • Pour in the mashed mungo beans, mix again.
  • Turn off heat.
  • Pour the mungo beans pudding into plastic or stainless stell moulds or baking tray.
  • Leave to cool for 30min before chill in the fridge for several hours.
  • Cut the mungo beans pudding before serve.



Written by peachpurple



Photo taken by peachpurple

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Foods Rich Of Fatty Acids- Why Are They Important To Human Body?
April 25, 2017

It is everyone’s dream to be always healthy and not all in the planet having gifted with knowledge and education, thus hard to get information about this kind of food. Those who knew might be happy for theirs will be health protection. Being health conscious is a must to be safe all the time from the hazards of pollution and toxic foods that contain nothing except nothing good in short bad for the health. Sometimes we like this and we like that attitude of food we eat without knowing if they are beneficial to the body. We should not be bored to discover some facts about foods that relate about good health for it is not easy to get sick and to be sick means to pour out your last money not part of daily budget because sickness if not immediately attended gets worsen.

Now let us talk about issue on fatty acids. In fact, I , too, never care about fatty acids. My thinking before is just to eat fatty foods or eat friend rice so there will be fats for the body hahahahaha. You know what this day, my breakfast was 1 cup fried rice fried with garlic in deep fry and granules of salt, small deep fried fish, coffee with milk and apple, then I noticed that I keep on touring our comfort room, LOL. It seems seven times nonstop entering the CR and I feel myself drained. My stomach was not aching only upsetting. It just that it likes to cleanse the contents of my stomach. I shared it to my sister and she told me she experienced the same. I told myself then that cooking oil can be like fatty acids that is why I made an instant research and got the information why fatty acids are vital to human body. Never was it mentioned cooking oil as like having components as that of fatty acids foods. I think is the cooking that facilitates in endorsing the contents of my large intestine, LOL.Foods containing fatty acids are essential to the body for they help the proper functions of all body parts like our heart, brain, kidney, blood and almost all. There are two essential fatty acids our body demanded, the omega 3 and omega 6. They must be included every time we eat. I do not know if we can all afford those foods which will be introduced here too.

Foods containing omega 3 and omega 6 are so vital for our body cells, blood to maintain the thinning of the blood to avoid high blood pressure. They also help block cancerous cells to attack the body like breast cancer, they maintain healthy flow of blood, thus all other body parts will do the same, to be healthy and disease- free. They also protect the body get sick with arthritis for our immune system stays stronger. Having low fatty acids means problems sicknesses to happen like hair fall, skin sagging, dandruff, split nails and hair. It will be observed those lacking of fatty acids through the changed of their mood, memory loss, and dementia. That is why it is required of us to eat nuts to block the entry of disease causing dementia.

These are the following recommended foods rich of omega3 and omega6 – fatty acids. The following are: radish seeds, sprouted raw, grape leaves canned , broccoli , spinach , grape leaves raw, alfalfa seeds, sprouted raw, cauliflower cooked , boiled , drained with salt, arugula raw, lettuce cooked or raw, peppers, sweet green or sautéed, turnip greens, beans cooked, sprouted , drained with alt, beans, squash, zucchini, baby or raw, onions, yellow sautéed, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, New Zealand spinach raw, broccoli flowers, broccoli leaves, turnips green, cabbage, pickles, Kale, seaweeds, turnip greens. Thee are so many of them. Decide which one you can afford, but it seems many of these are affordable in the local markets in the country where I live. There in your country like United Sates so many are sold there and many Americans have knowledge of these foods for they are non rice eaters .They choose vegetables, fruits and fish to dine.

The foods shown here are mostly eaten raw like cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and more. They are used to eat raw; unlike in Philippines people are afraid to eat raw. This is so because most vegetables here in Ph are sprayed with chemicals, abroad most vegetables are organic. We also have here organic but the price seems triple from the non-organic so consumer prefers non organic. They just wash well the vegetables. We better be wise and be health conscious to avoid entries of bad sicknesses.

Image credit to Pixabay

“Caesar Salad’s History, Review and Recipe”
April 24, 2017

What comes in your mind when you heard the name Caesar salad? A Caesar salad is a dish having romaine lettuce and croutons dressed with Parmesan cheese, lemon juice, olive oil, egg, Worcestershire sauce, and black pepper. It maybe prepared as a side dish. I did the research on this after reminiscing my college years which has given me the opportunity to know the recipe. This article was from my college  jot down notes.


The history of this popular and delicious salad is a controversial issue because of the spelling of the name. Cause you can see that it was written as caesar and not Ceasar as it should be. There was a widely held misconception that the name was derived from the great roman Julius Caesar, but actually the salad’s name was taken from the restaurateur Cesar Cardini an Italian-born as Mexican and the real author and maker of this dish.

Cesar Cardini was living in San Diego while working in Tijuana where he avoided the restrictions of prohibitions. Rosa Cardini, daughter of Cesar Cardini was the one who reported that it is her father who invented the dish back in July 4, 1924 so it’s almost ninety-three years already today and the dish is still circulating around the world as well known salad of all time. Never got the taste out of my tongue when I think of it.

Another story is that the salad was made or created for Hollywood stars after a weekend party but that was not yet proven. The brother of Cesar, Alex was also the one who made the same recipe but with a twist and named it as Aviator’s salad. Others who worked with Chef Cardini or his personnel also claimed the authorship but unluckily it didn’t succeed. The menu appeared in a restaurant in Los Angeles in October 1946.

The original Cesar salad recipe doesn’t have pieces of anchovy; instead of using the anchovy, Cesar used the Worcestershire sauce because he opposed to use it in his salad. Originally the salad was to be eaten by hand because the lettuce should be served whole on the plate and not by pieces of slices or chopped leaf.

According to my research, Cardini family trademark the original recipe in 1948. Some recipes include one or more of mustard, avocado, tomato, bacon bits or garlic cloves.  Many restaurants offer the salad by topping with grilled chicken, steak, salmon and even shrimp. Some restaurants in Mexico even tried to improvise on items such as using tortilla as a substitute for croutons or adding some tomatoes which is not from the Cardini recipe.

RECIPE: INGREDIENTS are from the Hotel Cesar’s recipe from about 2006.

romaine lettuce

olive oil

fresh crushed garlic


fresh ground black pepper

wine vinegar

lemon juice or lime juice, freshly squeezed

Worcestershire sauce

raw egg yolk

freshly grated Parmesan cheese

prepared croutons


VARIATIONS: choice of add ups


variations of lettuce



Romano cheese





  1. Mix the lemon juice, egg yolk, garlic, vinegar and olive oil. Stir until mix properly. Add the salt and mix.
  2. In a separate pan, mix the black pepper and the Worcestershire sauce.
  3. Mix the romaine lettuce (you can slice it into bite size pieces if you like) then put the first  mixture which is the lemon juice and add the Worcestershire sauce mixture. Mix properly and add the croutons and the cheese.
  4. Mix well and serve.

Photo by: Leggende Metropolitane

Cooking Skills Always Come in Handy
April 24, 2017

I think many of us should learn how to cook. The reason being that we can get into situation where such skills may affect us the most. You can find that cooking skills require a lot of efforts to learn. But once learned you are less likely to have empty stomach. And this skill can also help you in time when you have money issues. And you can also learn how to make use of the leftover food. This sort of experience always pays off to many of us. And though it does help to that much extent, we don’t really pay attention to such skills. In this article, I want to review how the cooking skills have helped me in the past. And learning them can be helpful to you too.

Leftover Food

The biggest waste in our house is what we have kept leftover from yesterday. So we should consider avoiding having the leftover. You can see that in such case, such leftover food may be reused. And we have to take the recycling type mindset here. For example yesterday’s noodles and rice can be cooked again and you can eat safely. Just make sure after 3 days no food remains. So you have to use the leftover food in time. You have to make sure that you care about health as much as wasting the food. So make sure to only reuse the food which can be easily reecooked if possible.


I think if you depend on others for any form of skill, then you are going to have issues. Be it cooking or anything. You have to understand that staying independent with your own skill is definitely going to help your survival. You can make yourself lot stronger this way. Your cooking skills can make yoou avoid hiring someone. And this may also help your salary or the savings. So try to make sure you learn atleast the basics to keep yourself going. I think many people learn such cooking skills which come in handy. And that being said, being independent with such skills is a need in modern times.

Learning to Cook

I think skills such as that can be learned from youtube. I know many people who learn to do things through the youtube videos. And they have made some good progress. Skill such as that can be useful for many. Cooking can be learned by watching others cook too. I have seen many people doing that and making better recipes. So it all comes down to what you choose for learning. And in due time such skills do pay off eventually. My personal experience is learning from videos and there are many people who can do the same. But only thing that may require some change is your ability to adapt to the change and learn what to cook at what time.

As you can see cooking has helped me in many ways. And this skill surely has turned into requirement for many. For starters I suggest subscribing to the youtube channels which can show you some good tips on how to cook. There are many such as that and lot to learn from those set of videos.

Image by pixabay.

To Try New Brands or Stick to the Same Brand?
April 24, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 6.37.34 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 6.37.34 PM

When it comes to brands – how loyal are you to the brands you purchase? If you like or love the brand you normally purchase, will you ever try other brands? For instances lemonade, for the past couple of days it has been getting warmer in Southern California. I have been craving for a nice chilled lemonade beverage and today when my fiancé and I got the chance to go to the store, guess what? The lemonade aisle was literally wiped out, I guess other people were thinking the exact same as me and bought lemonade too! Lemonade is perfect to bring to the beach, a pool party, lake or to serve at parties!  Not to mention, the price of lemonade was literally double! Last week, I purchased a larger jug for much cheaper and that same jug was going for almost double! However, I was still craving for lemonade – I decided to purchase another brand that is also well known for Orange Juice but it was not delicious or tasty at all. I am glad it was not too much on the pocket ($2.50) or else I would have regretted my decision. It is still drinkable (as you can see, we both drank like half already) but it is not as good as the brand I typically purchase and being my favorite which is Simply Lemonade.

Usually I am very loyal to the brands I select because in the end I do not want to be disappointed and I do not want to waste money and toss food. I do enjoy trying new brands if I received a sample and like it, have a coupon, good deal (on sale) or was highly recommended of that product. However for lemonade, I will sure not try any other brands now. If my brand is not available – I will just opt for a different beverage instead or I could possibly make lemonade too!

“Try The Filipino Seafood kare-kare”
April 23, 2017

Kare-kare is a filipino stew which compliments the roasted ground peanut. It composes of the meats which are usually the pork hocks, calves feet, pig feet and beef meat. Kare-kare can also be made with vegetables like eggplant, chinese cabbage, or other greens, daikon, green beans, and asparagus beans. Ox tail is the original ingredient for kare-kare but as time flies, chefs opt out to different exploration for unique cuisine which include the upgrading of ingredients. We also usually prepare seafood like prawn, squid and mussels, some can add clams and shrimps too. But in this recipe, I’m going to share the seafood kare-kare in which I’ve tried twice already. Other recipes don’t match what’s in this recipe. You can add as many seafood as you want .

Other countries like the middle east have lots of spices that adds up like cumin powder, annatto seed that you can make as a powder or ready made powder instead.

The procedures also depends on you if you like to experiment on your own like me then do as you wish but be sure not to overcooked the vegetables specifically the leafy ones.

This is good for four pax or person.



Cooking Oil

1 tablespoons minced garlic

4 tablespoons minced onion

1 cup peanut butter (unsweetened), you can use ground peanut

3 cups water

2 tablespoons Annatto oil or Atsuete oil

4-5 pieces squid, cut into rings

8-10 pieces baby prawns, trimmed and cleaned

12-15 pieces mussels, scrubbed and washed

1 medium banana heart, cut into thin rings, washed with salt and water then blanched or boiled

4-6 pieces peachay leaves (chinese cabbage), Trimmed

8-10 pieces string beans, cut into 2 inches long

salt and pepper to taste



  1. Heat oil in a medium big stockpot. Saute garlic and onion until it turns a little brown and make sure not to burn it.
  2. Add the peanut butter, Annatto oil or atsuete oil, and water or you can also use fish broth for better quality of soup.
  3. Allow mixture to simmer for five minutes or until you can smell the unique aroma coming from the broth mixture. Add all the seafood ingredients then let simmer for three minutes.
  4. Add the banana heart and let it cook until tender. Add other remaining vegetables. Continue cooking until done. Add the salt and pepper. Adjust flavor if needed.
  5. Serve hot with fried or plain rice.   You can add bagoong guisado on the side if you want.

For bagoong guisado, just buy a ready made product of it.

Photo by visitpinas.com

Beef Puchero Recipe- A Philippine Cuisine
April 23, 2017

BEEF POCHERO or Pucher, it is one of my favorite foods. It is actually Filipino cuisine. It is one of our proud recipes. And pork is used as the main ingredient for the original puchero. If you want to taste the original puchero, you may substitute pork to the beef. You may also use chicken meat if you prefer it.

Below are the ingredients and the way how to cook Beef puchero. It is easy to follow and the ingredients are affordable and available in the market.


I kilo of beef brisket cut into cubes

3 pieces of Chorizo de Bilbao or Macao Sausage

2 tablespoon of olive oil

1 large onion that is cut into small pieces

2 pieces of large sweet potato cut into cubes

A bunch of Chinese Chard Cabbage

5 cloves of minced garlic

5 pieces of saba banana cut each into pieces

1 pieces of large carrot cut into cubes

2 cups of tomato sauce

½ medium size of cabbage cut into the desired slice

3 tablespoon of brown sugar

Salt and pepper for the taste



  1. In a cooking pan, sauté the minced garlic and chopped onion in the olive oil.
  2. Add the beef brisket and then add enough salt and pepper and mix them well.
  3. Add water and let it boiled.
  4. If the beef is nearly cooked, add the Macao sausage, the tomato sauce, the carrots, and the banana.
  5. After two to three minutes, you may add the sweet potato.
  6. Add the cabbage and Chinese White Cabbage and stir.
  7. Add the brown sugar and taste the sauce.
  8. Adjust the taste until it reached the sweet and sour taste of it.

Try your own beef puchero now and enjoy the good taste. I am sure that you will like it. Test your skill in cooking by this simple recipe.

Hope you enjoy your moment in the kitchen while preparing your beef puchero for your family meal.


Spring rolls as breakfast, lunch and dinner
April 22, 2017
love chains

Spring rolls as breakfast, lunch and dinner

Spring rolls is my favorite Chinese snack, Flavor of the vegetable and onion and other spices of Spring Rolls makes us hungry just to ehar the name. its fresh and that attracted me to such a Chinese food. The trick to make tasty Spring Rolls are vegetable that you choose to add, though I have to say im not good at preparing it, the ready made one have best flavors and home made one have best vegetables, all natural and the full of cabbage.

Some do only cabbage and eggs, and some do caggage and carrots too.

This package that I bought from the frozen suction by nabil company has no eggs in it. But tasty to buy it again. The size of them is small it’s the size of a fist. Just fry them and they crunchy a little just to make them really tasty

They are 10 pieces in one box, something you can eat at night for dinner

Its perfect size for 5 people, if you eat light.

Better, you can do your own dumplings at home

The boxes they sell were some of eggs along in the spring rolls, some with vegetable and eggs and some with vegetables alone.

I have to say that though I like eggs, but did not think that its nice to eat it alone in sprind rolls, ay way there are many companies do it in different ways and different spices too.

When I made it once at home it was good, and I filled it with meat inside, tasty but not great.

On the other hand there is the sweet spring rolls

Apple Rolls or apple spring rolls are nice, strong cinammon flavor with soft apple filled in, its wonderfully tasty

Some are filled with orange and some with strawberry chocolate formula lol

Though its nice flavors these boxes are small and there is onley 4 in each. You can eat it with five bites means it is easy

I just wish that more there in the box, though I prefer the salty one, still sweet spring rolls are nice too. And the sweet one are expensive unlike the salty one or the one with vegetables I mean.

The vegetable box cost about 5 dollars or so

The sweet box cost 10 dollars don’t have any idea why

But both are fine and nice to buy for easy dinner at home or outside home, you can eat it also at launch or break fast, for me breakfast can be sweet or salty I do not mind it. But those are the best really to be at home, frozen for any time to eat it. And I have to say they should be frozen other wise you will find them sticky and will not enjoy them even if you heat them ever ever

One day even I brought them for my in law and they like it and really nothing lift for the next day, it was treat after dinner, and I was proud presenting these boxes to them, actually I put it on plate hoping they will think I made it.

The best way of Cooking Okra Curry at Home
okra fry

Okra some people call it Ladyfinger in some parts of the country. Both appear to be the same. Okra will be very soft and fresh to prepare the items t at home. But, the difficulty arises when one is asked to boil them. A newbie for cooking can not Okra like ordinary vegetables. He can not cut it into round pieces and wash them. The upper part of Okra is very useful in giving relief to the people suffering from Arthritis. The upper portions should be cut off and kept in a water during the night. Morning, after getting up from the bed and washing your wash a Glass of water, should be taken as a juice. This will be very jelly like substance. People may not like it in the beginning. But, once they are habituated to this and the relief they get they will definitely prefer to have it.
Some people cut round pieces of Okra and add them to the Buttermilk stew. This can be found mostly in South Indian recipes. They first prepare buttermilk stew and just before removing it away from the stove they add the nicely cut, round pieces of Okra which give a terrible taste to the dish. Some people fry the okra pieces separately in Ghee and add them to the buttermilk stew This also gives good taste to the recipe.
There is another preparation known by the name Fenugreek stew. It will be very rich in taste. It will be like Hot and Sour soup which we all like to have during chilling weather during winter. This is a class by its own. This can be had at any time and if kept in a fridge it can be served safely for 3 days without putting it to test.
If okra pieces are nicely fried and added to Fenugreek stew the taste will be excellent and one can use it even as a soup. But the problem is with preserving it. It can be preserved maximum for a day with the help of a fridge.
Whatever may be the types of dishes the problem will be faced by most of the people in making a curry out of it. The reason being due to the stickiness of Okra when it is cut. You can not touch them with wet hands even by mistake.
Here I will explain how to prepare Okra/Ladyfinger Curry
Ingredient: Okra/ladyfingers 200 gms
Curry leaves,
Red chilli powder 1 tbs
Tamarind juice 1 1/2 spoon
Salt to taste

First, wash ladyfinger in a running water. Clean them with a soft cloth and see that they are not wet. Allow them for 2 minutes and see that there are not water drops over them.


cutting okra.

iamge credit to: swathirecipies.com


Cut Okras into nice round pieces. See that your hands not wet this time. If they are so please dry them with a cloth/towel. If possible try to wear paper gloves.
Taka frying pan. Add 5 tbs of any oil of your choice. If it is Olive Virgin Oil you get a good taste. When it is hot add some mustard seeds and when they splutter add some Red chillis (2 ) and then Curry leaves (8 Nos). keep it for 1 minutes. See that this is not roasted. Now add Okra pieces to this Oil in the frying pan covering it for 5 minutes. Remove the cover and keep the flame low. Now see if the Okra pieces are sticky. If they do not, keep them covered for another 2 minutes.

After removing the cover now add the Tamarind juice to the pieces. Keep the pan on low flame adding some salt required. Add the Red Chilli Powder also. Keep it for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes take off the cover and flip the pieces with a wooden stick. Do think frequently. Everything becomes perfect by this time. You will see that the Okra pieces are very light brown in color and soft and convenient to be taken with rice. If you by mistake keep the flame on high the pieces will be roasted. Never keep the flame on high.

The Okra is ready now. You can serve it along with rice. They will be soft to eat along with rice and you can even take them as a side dish without any rice.