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Say no to junk food… Live happy life….
November 12, 2017

Junk Food

Get Sick In The Junk Food Generation
If there’s one thing that’s typically always true about human beings, it’s that they love to eat. Now when I say eat, I mean consume a lot of food. But guess what? We’re not talking carrots and celery here. Generally we prefer to gorge on junk food galore. Why? Simply due to the fact that it tastes great! There’s certainly a satisfaction that comes with snacking on some nachos or scarfing down a brownie sundae. My apologies if I’m making you hungry. Anyway, different individuals have a different take on whether junk food should be consumed or not. If you ask me, I’d say that all of those tasty sweets and snacks are okay to nibble on, if you put a limit on how much and how often you indulge. Naturally there should be a limit to your junk food intake.

“You are what you eat eats” Think about that one for a moment…

What would you consider to be unhealthy or junk food? Most people pinpoint fast food restaurants and sweets. At this point, I think it’s pretty obvious what falls into the junk food category and what does not. Treats like chips, movie theater concessions, candy, chocolate, soft drinks, cakes, pies, and pizza are all clearly foods that do nothing great for your body or health. However, we all already know this. But it definitely doesn’t stop us from purchasing these foods on a routine basis. I even know health nuts who eat poorly on occasion. Hey, we all love some junk food. Therefore we’ll all look for ways to eat it sometimes, whether we typically stick to a well-balanced diet or not. When it comes down to it, much of the convenient foods that are bad for you, are also convenient and often less pricey than the healthy foods.

People always believe that DIETING means bland food without taste. Certainly not, In fact diets are also tastier like our normal and usual diet. The diet for a person with diabetes is a diet without sugar or fats. It can also be tried out by all people especially obese and who want to prevent diabetic. When you make changes in your lifestyle and eating habits that will make you feel healthier and more energized. You need to pay strict attention to the food that you eat when you have diabetes and diet guidelines need to be followed. However, this does not mean that your days now need to be filled with boring tasteless food. Many people find that their new diabetes diet plan actually tastes better and is more satisfying that the food they were eating before.

Junk food refers to fast foods which are easy to make and easy to consume. They have only fats lying in it causing ill effects on the health of the consumer. The taste is the most attractive feature in junk foods. Nevertheless, junk foods are popular because of their simplicity to manufacture, consume and of course, their taste. People have their own notions about a certain food being listed as junk. However, huge Burgers, full pizzas, potato wafers ,Ghee roasted Masala Dosai, Idlies with Sambar vadai ,Mutton Biriyani , high calorie wedding food, chocolates and fries will surely find their way into everyone’s list.

Junk food and fast food when taken in excess in daily basis make health hazardous too. And affects the cholesterol levels. Secondly, the sugar and sodium salts have their effects on health. High calorie content with sugar can lead to obesity. Cholesterol and salt are known to increase the blood pressure, stroke and heart diseases in a chain. Excessive salts can affect functioning of kidneys too. Consuming junk food has reduced level of essential nutrients thereby causing weakness in the body.


Junk foods also cause damage to the pancreas resulting in diabetes mellitus. These foods they are filled with carbohydrates which will spike their blood sugar levels, sugar levels rise and fall drastically Fluctuation in the blood sugar not good Glycemic control.

Junk food enthusiasts are prone to put on weight, especially when they eat this kind of food very often. The fat and processed flour only make you fatter and fatter, as does the oil and grease that are used for fries and other deep-fried foods. Besides, when you eat junk food, you tend to gulp down sodas and colas which are laden with sugar and which increase your tendency to put on weight. Junk food makes you feel sleepy and less inclined to be active and alert. Your reflexes and senses become duller day by the day and you start to lead a more sedentary life.

Heart Diseases:
Junk foods have been identified as a major cause of heart diseases including myocardial infraction, cardiac arrest and atherosclerosis. This is due to the fact that junk food contains excessive amount of low-density lipoproteins and cholesterol that get deposited on the inner linings of blood vessels. This result in formation of plaques and the heart is required to put an extra effort for pumping blood through the arteries. Presence of fat in the blood also causes reduced oxygen levels. Another harmful factor present in junk foods is excess concentration of sugars and salt. Excessive concentration of sodium ions causes an increased heart blood pressure.

Liver Failure:
Even liver gets damaged due to presence of fat, cholesterol and salt in the junk foods.

Poor Concentration:
When a person consumes junk food in excess, body finds difficult to digest and needs to spend high amount of blood and enzymes as a result, the person feels drowsy and suffers with reduced concentration.

Poor nutrition:
When you eat too much junk food, you neglect to eat the nutritious food like fruits and vegetables and other wholesome food. This means that your body does not get the necessary nutrition it needs and you end up with a weak immune system. So you’re often prone to illnesses like colds and fevers which although not serious, tend to have a nagging effect on your life. They prevent you from being as active and organized as you would like to be. Processed foods have no fiber content whatsoever and that is why you feel constipated when you go on a junk food binge.

These days’ teenagers and young children prefer to take fast and junk food in their regular diet parents also encourage them to take these foods which can affect their health in future. So all teenagers and IT people try to take healthy food like vegetables ,whole grains ,nuts, whole grams and fruits at least once or twice a day. Whenever you take pizza or burger or noodles or fried rice add more vegetables.

New Reason to Stop Junk Food
still stopped by at fast food outlets after a tired shopping or walking in the mall? Consider again before taking part in queue. A recent study shows fast food wrappers as dangerous as ‘junk’ food itself.

Wrapping paper for the fast foods contain perfluoroalkyl toxins that pollute blood. perfluoroalkyl is a toxic chemical synthesis to coat the surface of the wrapper so it will not leak due to oil, grease or water.
Phosphate deposits perfluoroalkyl (Pap) or fraction perfluorinated carboxylic acid (PFOA) in food packaging led to blood ‘piss’.

If it’s true that we are what we eat, isn’t it time to make the right choices for ourselves and for our families?

Since we live in the age of cyberspace, you’d better believe that you can find any and all sorts of junk food just by hopping on the web. Purchase fine chocolates from all over the world, order delicacies that can’t be found in your home town or small city, or buy low-priced bulk items with the simple click of a mouse. All sorts of treats and goodies can be found on the Internet. The trick is to limit your junk food intake and be prudent when it comes to your overall health and diet plan. You can enjoy the “junk,” but don’t go too far and allow it to damage your health.

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I can afford, You can afford but nation can’t…
November 12, 2017

Love food…hate waste…

Avoid throwing away good food and help preserve the environment and save money in the process.
If you remember your last restaurant visit and compare that with overall statistics of food wastage in India alone, you would want to go back and lick your plate clean – and maybe even the utensils, the food was served in. But, the lack of awareness around the issue and interrelated issues, such as malnutrition, poverty and food shortage, is minimal and hence a small contributor to the larger picture of food waste and the aforesaid issues. But, food waste alone incurs huge monetary losses to industries and mankind, in general.

Food waste primarily revolves around any form of food, raw or cooked, used or unused – discarded or intended so. Professional bodies and governments alike, further diversify the definitions to various categories and implications such as the kind of food waste, the form it is produced/generated by and materials and source of waste. The dramatic impact that food waste can have on a particular nation, in terms of economic and social perspectives, is enormous especially in larger countries like the USA, UK and India – depending on the population and food consumption.

Of the various countries trying to tackle the issues of food waste and their respective losses, Japan seems to be doing very well via the administrative system. Against India’s all-encompassing laws for food waste, Japan has various laws pertaining to the different causes of food wastage, such as Container & Packaging Recycling Law’, ‘Food Wastes Recycling Law’ and even a ‘Law on promoting Green Purchase’, enabling industries and agriculturists to look towards effective uses of resources and also join the eco drive – which needs more initiatives like these. Various scientists and environmentalists believe, stringent laws, effective administration and self responsibility are the more vital points which can be looked at for grass root changes to come about, especially in country like India, where the maximum food waste comes from the agricultural waste sector. A report submitted by Rabo India Finance, a private consultancy firm, in 2007 to the government of India estimates a whopping 58,000 crores worth of rupees are lost due to agricultural food waste, alone.

However, food waste can be tackled in more effective ways, with the help of various schematic and planned methods implemented by the governments and private firms simultaneously. Food waste, like other waste can be dumped but could also be used for various other purposes such as feeding animals or be biodegraded by various methods such as a composting and used for soil enrichment. Though a lot of the food waste caused due to the food processing can be difficult to reduce without affecting the quality of the finished product, certain incentives must be provided by the administrative bodies, to look to reduce this form of food waste. Also, a lot of food waste is created post harvest due to the lack of infrastructural facilities such as cold chain provisions, transportation and proper storage facilities. However, with a growth in the retail market and its demand, a lot of foreign companies have shown interest in agri-based and processed food products.

The following countries are the countries that are affected the most by food deprivation: Africa, India, and Pakistan. Many of the people affected by food waste are little children; about 5 million children die of starvation per year. Tons of food is dumped to landfills each year when the food thrown away is edible. The people around the world who starve can be saved and can be fed. What needs to happen is that people need to send more food to these people. Ones who are affected the most are little children who only eat a meal once a day. If supermarkets along with other food industries gather up, together they could save many lives and also save money.

While millions starve in a country ranked second in the world for the number of children suffering from malnutrition, India also witnesses abject waste in abundance. Food is hoarded for price rise, until rot sets in, and is no longer fit for human consumption. And across the cities, marriage halls hold feasts, while beggars outside scavenge through the garbage, looking for another day’s sustenance.


Weddings faulted for prodigious food waste: As the ranks of India’s wealthy surge with rapid economic growth, many families are staging extravagant displays of food at their children’s weddings to show off their newfound affluence.

The prodigious waste that follows has horrified many in a nation where food prices are skyrocketing and tens of millions of young children are malnourished.

one-fifth of the food served at weddings and social gatherings is discarded, ”It’s a criminal waste,”  The tons of food wasted at social gatherings across the country each day contrasts sharply with the food shortages, often bordering on chronic starvation, faced by millions of poor Indians..

Like elsewhere in Asia, food prices in India are rising fast as demand outstrips production. And the burden is falling disproportionately on the poor. Experts say the jump in prices for staples to record highs over the past few months has pushed another 64 million Asians into poverty.

Food Waste-to-Energy Conversion
The problem of waste management runs across geographies and its gravest causal agent, i.e., urbanism, is a global phenomenon. However, its ramifications are relatively more pronounced in developing nations on account of improved standards of living and changing consumption patterns. The growing population and increasing consumer demand are leading to excessive consumption of available resources and generation of tremendous amount of different kind of wastes, which is emerging as a chronic problem in urban societies. Their efficient management is needed at the earliest to avoid numerous problems related to public and environmental health.

Serious Implications
Food waste has serious implications for society. Consumers unnecessarily spend a lot of time and money on food they don’t eat. Rotting food also pumps heaps of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Plus the costs for collecting, transporting and land filling the excess food come from the taxpayers. The good news is that some simple lifestyle adjustments offer huge payoffs for your family, community and the planet.


Food Crisis
The situation of food wastage is not that serious in India as compared to the European and North America countries. These countries waste fresh produce for preposterous reasons. The carrots if they are not straight are discarded; if the apples are not of the right color then they are thrown away as waste. This is the manner in which one-third of the fresh produce is wasted. The wastage in the Indian subcontinent is due to different reasons. We in India lack proper transportation facilities to reach out to the market as well as cold storage’s for fresh produce and food crates.

Coming back to the local scene, as to what we as individuals can do to improve the situation. Food that weBUY, EAT and WASTE is directly related to the Global crisis we are facing. It might be know to you all that rarely we eat everything that we buy. So let’s make it a point to BUY WHAT WE NEED and EAT WHAT WE BUY. Let’s contribute in whichever small way possible to avert the food crisis in our state and country.

Let’s make earth a better place to live in for the future generations to come. We have been presented with an opportunity to preserve the greenery and mankind on this planet. Let us not disappoint God who has faith in us that we can make a change.

At the consumer level, we can reduce our contribution to food and energy waste by taking simple, basic steps at home, in the grocery store and at restaurants.

For starters, plan a food menu before each trip to the grocery store so it’s easier to keep track of when vegetables, fruits and other perishables need to be eaten throughout the week.


Careful attention should also be given to how food is stored and wrapped in the refrigerator so it doesn’t spoil as quickly, and consumers should remember to buy only what they will eat.

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What’s Your Favorite Quick and Simple Meal?
November 7, 2017
CLEVELAND, OH – OCTOBER 10: LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers looks on while playing the Chicago Bulls during a pre season game at Quicken Loans Arena on October 10, 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

You’ve got a few minutes to throw a meal together, but you don’t want to sacrifice taste just because you have no time. What’s your go-to, dead-simple meal? Everybody’s got one; I’ll start things off with mine:

I’m a big fan of chili, especially as the leaves start to turn. I’ve cooked pretty involved chili recipes in the past, but after all the effort, my favorite chili involves three canned goods, some chili powder, and a few other embellishments here and there. It costs next to nothing, is a great dinner for two, and takes no time to make. Here’s what you’ll need:

Note: You don’t need to get hung up on the specific canned-food brands from the picture. I often go with whatever’s on sale, provided that it’s the same basic starting point.

Canned diced tomatoes. (I go with these Mexican-style lime and cilantro ones; I use two cans of diced tomatoes, though they are a little smaller than the cans of beans.)
Canned red/chili/pinto beans/etc. (I like these Southwestern-style beans, which also throw in some corn and diced onion.)
Canned black beans.
Chili powder.

Like any soup, you can, of course, include other ingredients and seasoning to taste. If I’ve got it around, I’ll occasionally pour a little beer in the chili (you’ll just have to simmer a little longer to cook out some of that extra liquid), and I also like my chili spicy, so I’ll sometimes add a little hot sauce to the mix. But the basic, three-can chili above (okay, it’s four cans, but three kinds of cans) creates an excellent base chili you can either enjoy on its own or jazz up with some ideas of your own, and it takes no time to prepare.

Open the cans.
Dump them in a pot.
Season with chili powder and other seasoning to taste.
Make it hot.

Doesn’t get much easier than that.

That’s my go-to quick and simple dinner (I always try to have those cans on standby in my pantry, especially during autumn and winter months), but I’m sure you’ve got your own. Whether it’s a one-pot meal, a few-ingredient cooking trick, or a can-mixing recipe like mine, share your favorite quick and simple recipe in the comments.

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Sugar. Lets try and clear up some confusion.

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It seems people are still not aware, so I will try make this nice and basic and short.

In short.
The exact same added sugars found in full sugar soft drinks and cakes or lollies, are also found in fresh organic fruit and vegetables. For people to say they eat zero sugar must mean they eat no fruit or vegetables and I would be worried about their health. When they say they eat no added sugars. Well these sugars are natural but extracted from plants as a singular molecule and then added to foods which means they are no longer consumed on their own but consumed with other macro nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Just like a fruit or vegetable contains the sugar and has these.

Most common Types of sugars. And where are they naturally?

Monosaccharides. Single sugars.

Fructose, C6H12O6
Fruit sugar, occurs naturally in fruits, some root vegetables, cane sugar and honey and is the sweetest of the sugars. It is one of the components of sucrose or table sugar.

Galactose. C6H12O6
In general, Galactose does not occur in the free state but is a constituent with glucose of the disaccharide lactose or milk sugar.

Glucose. C6H12O6
Dextrose or grape sugar, occurs naturally in fruits and plant juices and is the primary product of photosynthesis. Most ingested carbohydrates are converted into glucose during digestion and it is the form of sugar that is transported around the bodies of animals in the bloodstream.

Disaccharides. A disaccharide is a sugar (a carbohydrate) composed of two monosaccharides.

Lactose. C12H22O11
Lactose is the naturally occurring sugar found in milk. A molecule of lactose is formed by the combination of a molecule of galactose with a molecule of glucose.

Maltose. C12H22O11
Maltose is formed during the germination of certain grains, the most notable being barley, which is converted into malt, the source of the sugar’s name. A molecule of maltose is formed by the combination of two molecules of glucose. It is less sweet than glucose, fructose or sucrose.

Sucrose. C12H22O11
Sucrose is found in the stems of sugarcane and roots of sugar beet. It also occurs naturally alongside fructose and glucose in other plants, in particular fruits and some roots such as carrots. A molecule of sucrose is formed by the combination of a molecule of glucose with a molecule of fructose.

So how much sugar is too much? This depends on the person and their activity level and if they have medical issues.

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the sweet side of life banana peaunt butter cookies

If you like bananas the you might like this recipe its very simple ok so if you have the ingredients they are

1 cup peanut butter,

1-2 mashed bananas ( or mooshed if you prefer)

1/2 cup of sugar and some chocolate( optional)

raisins (optional)

this is my pick me up i keep these cause i absolutely love them and i can sometimes trick my daughter in to tasting them.

you should at this point preheat your oven to id say around 325 and start mashing those bananas

ok you take all your ingredients and mix in a bowl till they can be formed in to small balls on your hands yes it is peanut butter so it will stick to your hands, if you have a liitle one you can let them help or simply give them a ball of peanut butter mixed with dry milk for an edible playdough i got that one from “mommy hacks” it works and my daughter can be scene licking it on occasion.

next once all ingredients are are formed into balls place on parchment paper on the cookie sheet you can either place raisins on top or sprinkle with chocolate either chips or melted,  i did melted chocolate and bake for and 10-12 minutes but check at around 5 minutes cause all stoves have different power levels.

and walla my three favorite things in a cookie peanut butter, bananas and chocolate. you can leave out the banana for peanut butter cookies but may need to add an egg with the sugar and peanut butter or leave out the peanut butter for banana cookies.

and remember when the world wont let up on you take a step back breath and eat sugary sweet snacks to help release the seratonin in your body to make you feel good again. or if your like me my husband built me what he calls moms panic room and i sit in there for about ten minutes till i stop having a nervous breakdown, while playing peekaboo with our daughter on the other side lol. good luck out there and remember while life if wrong it can still be sweet.

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fruits that people wouldnt dear try. Question would you try a fruit you never seen or hear before??
July 19, 2017

Fruit!  Fruit!

There  many different fruits on this planet that no one every hear of or tasted, some people are scared to try new thing. Like on bizarre food, if it look good try it.  See we human cant resist the temptation on tasting , smelling, seeing ,  or eating new and bizarre food.

My question is  if  you  hear that’s a new fruit that’s no one hear of just arrive at the market would you go buy to try it out? Don’t forget that human weakness curiosity or better yet temptation kick in, there nothing wrong in trying new fruit.

Two days ago my father brought a jack fruit, i was curious how the fruit taste. But my father eat all the jack fruit before I could ask if I can taste it. I really want to taste a dragon fruit, I love the dragon fruit favorite vitamin water. That’s my favorite water i can drink that all day, but im curious on how the dragon fruit really do taste like.

If I travel to different country the first thing i would do is go to the market and simple different food and drink as well.

Like if i were to travel to china i woulycheeld try Lychee. it a red or pink fruit that grow in canton, china. The fruit have a clear sweet fresh inside.  yum!!!.




Yeah I cant forget about this fruit i seen on watching you tube. I would like try  this fruit the mangosteen aka (queen of fruit) in grew in southeast of Asian mangoste

a white color center fresh it cross between sweet and sour.









There many of fruit are just waiting to be tasted.


Also there a fruit that I never heard of before, it called the (chocolate vine fruit).  Yeah i know right, rbe309291301c3da3505c43b48817430aeally a chocolate vine fruit. But it very real indeed in native to  China, Japan and Korea , but you can find this type of fruit  U.S and the  fruit is find in maryland, washington,DC, and pennsylvania.




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travelers rations stuffed beef biscuits

ok so way bak when they lived in castles they would make stuffed biscuits(my husband calls them medieval hot pockets, mostly meat and cheese but sometimes they would bake in preserves or roots and and rice, even corn. but when i look on line for recipes they dont have any so here i am filling the void so to speak. Now you can make your own biscuit dough or use the frozen cans ive done both, and you can use beef, chicken, pork,  as the meat if you want one. an now you would pick your add ins rice, corn,  dandelion root , potatoes or even stuffing if your into bread on bread.  and bake it in the bread lol pretty simple actually but for those that need or want and exact recipe  ill say this trust your taste buds.

beef and rice travelers bread

1 pound ground beef

1/2  green pepper chopped

1/2 onion diced

1 cup rice

a little shredded cheese.

salt, pepper herbs and spices.

  1. start your rice add water and butter to your rice i add sea salt and ground peppercorns to the water, and cook as directed,
  2. in a frying pan with oil i used canola oil brown your ground beef i added a little garlic and herb dash for its natural herbs and cut and add your onion and green pepper for health. drain and return to hot pan leave just a little of the left over oil. I cooked it on medium low to give the rice time to finish.
  3. your rice should be done by now and you can scoop it in to the skillet with the beef turn on low heat and stir together
  4.  now the fun part your biscuits for this i used the frozen Pillsbury rolls, you can do it 1 of 2 ways flatten all peices out to about the same size and use them as a top and bottom half for a more filled biscuit or you can just use one biscuit and just wrap the dough around the meat mixture. i used a teaspoon and spoon the mixture on to the buns some i wrapped  some i hamburger-ed  about 2-3 tsp of meat mixture per bun next if its your desire you can sprinkle some shredded cheese,before you place the top half  of the bun on and pinch the seam sealed pushing all the rice meat and cheese into it dont worry if the seam busts during baking it happens. the second method you would fold the sides of the dough inwards and pinch together over the meat mixture you could even roll it to ensure the seam doesnt pop.
  5. bake your bread as your normally would you may half to add a few minutes to ensure the bread turns brown but no more than 3-5 extra minutes or it will burn.
  6. let sit 2 minutes to cool and serve and remember you can always store them for later.download
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apple juice fast easy cheap

OK so im a stay at home mom with experience in the medical field and i can say that if you ask a doctor how often he sees a doctor he’ll say only when he has too, Now im married to a neanderthal man whose idea of a healthy meal is deep fried chicken and fries and mountain dew, Im a naturalist/herbalist this bothers me so im trying to get him to eat healthier. my first step switching out the drinks. I admit my first attempt went down the drain too much sugar. my second attempt got a nod of approval from the man who lived of of sugar and bread for 5 years cause he didn’t like anything else. the recipe im going to to tell you is very simple i do it with minimum tools.

In a small sauce pan place 2 cups water then add 1 cup sugar and turn on medium/low heat then take two apples and a steak knife(i do not own a apple decor thingy) and make a baseball diamond shape around the core i find this easiest  then flip the apple upside down and to the same thing, you may see points where the knife poked through from the top try and use those as guidelines.  next pulling you core out of the apple proceed to slice the apple in to thin( half or same size as mcd apple slices) and place apple slices in pan with sugar and water, after 1 apples worth of slices are in the pan turn the heat up to get it boiling and leave for about 10 minutes maybe 15 for a more apple flavor, should have told you this first. Now for the second apple you will need to fill a pitcher( 1 gallon) about half way with cold water and place remaining apple slices in it you can leave it in the fridge over night for a more bursting flavor or only for a few hours its up to you, after your sauce pan is done you strain the apples and you will have an almost syrup that can range in color from cloudy to apple juice colored.  let cool for about a 3-5 minute period while you strain the apples out of the pitcher before adding a 1/8 to 1/4 cup of honey, then pour in apple syrup mix well with wooden spoon metal with leave behind residue, let chill and serve unless you want to add preservatives to it, it may last anywhere from 2-5 days depending on apples and outside temperatures. i hope you try and enjoy it.

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Healthy Vegetable Lasagna for Beginners

Healthy and Tasty

Lasagna is possibly one of the oldest types of pasta to be made. Traditionally it is made with meat, this is what gives most of the flavour to the dish but over the years there have been various changes to the recipe.

Not everyone now a days eats meat but that doesn’t mean that can’t have some good dishes to eat as well. This Lasagna has been adapted for vegetarians but is also a good and healthy dish for everyone to enjoy. Try this healthy dish and leave meat aside for a while. Keep it healthy and enjoy eating your meals just like any other.


Cook Time

Prep time: 20 min
Cook time: 50 min
Ready in: 1 hour 10 min
Yields: Serves 4 people



2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
1 Purple Onion, Chopped
1 Red Pepper, Chopped
2 Garlic Teeth, Crushed
1 Zucchini, Diced
1/2 Broloci, Chopped
2 1/2 Cups Mushrooms, Sliced
1/3 Cup Sweet Corn, canned without water
1 3/4 Cups Canned Tomato, Diced
300g Lasagna pasta
1 cup Mozarella Cheese



In a big pan heat up the olive oil and sauté the onion and red pepper for around 3 min. Mix every once in a while.
Add the garlis and sauté it for another 2 minutes. Add the remaining vegetables to the pan and give it a mix.
Fill half of the can of tomato sauce with water and add it to the pan. Bring it to a boil and reduce the heat. Let it simmer for 10 minutes.
Pre-heat the oven to 190ºC.
Grase the tray you will use to put the lasagna and add 1/4 of the mixture and the stock.
Cover the layer of vegetables with a layer of lasagna pasta. Repeat this until all the vegetables are in the tray. The last layer of the lasagna is vegetables.
Add cheese on the last layer of vegetables and cook in the oven for 30 minutes or until cheese is melted and pasta is well cooked.





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Changing Diet may improve your studies
May 24, 2017

“Healthy body and mind always makes you win examination races”
During the examinations how many parents think about changing their diets? In fact, during this time the children who used to intake healthy food, they eat maximum junk food mostly due to examination stress. There are students who drink many cups of tea and coffee so that they can keep themselves awake. Indeed  the children and their parents should always take care of the food which they are consuming. Here is the list of food which can be taken during exams for healthy body and mind.
1.  Start your day with breakfast:

The students should be given healthy food at breakfast like Oats, Musali, Upama, Khichadi, IDli etc. The glycemic index of these food items is less which does not allow sudden blood sugar level increase. This provides glucose to blood at a slow pace which prevents lethargy and students do not feel sleepy all the time.

“The last shall not become the first if the last is lagging behind.”

2.     Eat less but more often:

It is always better to eat less during examination rather than having 3 to 4 heavy meals. The students feel sleepy if they eat a lot because in such cases the blood circulation occurs more in the stomach and not in the brain. Less quantity of food and healthy food should be given to the students which makes them alert and awake. Fresh fruits, Smoothies, honey wrapped dry fruits, soup and salad is a good option to eat.

3.    No to Sugar and processed food:
Chocolates, Cookies type of sweet items enhances the sugar level in the blood which make the students feel hungry. This makes the students attracted towards the junk food  and the junk food do not provide any nutrients to body except that they make you feel sleepy.
“Eat less sugar, but stay sweet”
4.    More Water:

When students study, especially in AC rooms they do not feel thirsty and they don’t drink water and other liquids. This makes their body deficient of water and the dehydration in the body makes their mind and body restless. It becomes very difficult to concentrate in such situations and to solve this one can drink juices, lemon water, green tea etc.

5.    Less caffeine intake:

Too much caffeine, energy drinks, tea, soft drinks influence the circadian rhythms which don’t allow allow the students to sleep whenever they want to sleep. Caffeine only suspends the sleep, as it affects the body for few hours.
” Caffeine Addiction is poison for students”

6. Eat less outside:

During exams the stress level is very high  and the immune system is weak and the probability of infection increases. That’s why one should ignore eating street or restaurant food.  If children force you to eat food which is not cooked at home, then order the things which you have ordered earlier and trust the purity.

” Junk food satisfies you for a minute, but  healthy food satisfies you for a lifetime”

7. Food which enhances brain capabilities:

Antioxidants like Vitamin A, C and I protects the cells of the body, which is destroying due to free radicals of the brain. Egg, fish, carrot, green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits fulfill the requirements of the brain and it also increases the disease resistance capacity in the body.
8.    Food which reduces stress:
During examinations the stress level and pressure can only be handled with water dissolvable vitamins like B complex, Vitamin C, and minerals like Zinc. These all vitamins and minerals help in development of adrenal hormones and working system of the body. Adrenal hormones generates stress fighting hormones so the children should be given brown rice, dry fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables.

” Don’t stress
Do your best”

9.    Food for memory improvement:

Omega 3 Fatty acids improve working capabilities and memories and found mostly among fishes. In this case if you are a non vegetarian then eat 2 Salaman, Herring or Morokel fish. To intake less calories either grill it, bake or shallow fry oil. If you are vegetarian then seeds of flax, pumpkin seed, sesame seeds or canola oil plays the same role.  Also, there are supplements of Omega 3 available in the market.

10. Proteins should be there in the diet:

Proteins slowly get digested in the body which increases energy level. Intake of Proteins in breakfast boosts tyrosine in the blood and brain, which make nerve cells to get  stimulated so that child gets alert every time. Poha, Idli, Dosa and Dhokla has high protein content in it.

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