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New to this, need to know more.

Learning how to make earnings on Literacybase.com.  How to monetize my blog.  This is really something new and I am so keen to how find more.  Is this reward thing really true?  Hope to get some guidance from anyone is are experienced in Literacybase.com to give some tips and advice.  Wold be grate to hear from anyone with any piece of advice.

I will have a lot of thinking and planning to do on what to share at this place.  I have done a little research on this website and found a number of people saying good things about it.  At least this something that is worth trying and testing it out.  My first experience now is trying to write useful articles and get it post as soon as possible.  Many things to learn about and many opportunity to earn some income from this.

I believe people who will do well with this website, are those who have a lot of things to say, share and tell others about it.  I believe I can find something to talk about but this first article is really testing.  Guess I didn’t expect it to be like this.

I hope to get a lot likes for what I am writing and hopefully my stories will encourage and motivate people.  I will not write anything that is too negative and condemning to anyone.  Well it is depends on the number of likes that I will receive.

This is what I found from an Internet forum regarding Literacybase.com.

Someone wrote this:

“I don’t know if this site is known, but I’ve heard of it a few times.

The idea seems to me to be interesting, but reaching the value to receive a payment seems to be something very laborious and not very rewarding (which means a bad combination :oops:).

I mean… I don’t want the money to be easy (I know money online means hard working), but I don’t intend to “kill myself” to earn just a few dollars. :p

This was the response in return:

“The pay is considered quite low, and it depends on the word count too. The longer we write, the better we will earn. For example, 300 word post worths 15 cents, 500 word post worths 22 cent. For forum posting, it’s between 0.2 cent to 2 cent only. I prefer to write blog posts there.

It’s not a fast and easy earning site, but as I don’t have many other good earning sites to work on, this looks quite good to me. Most importantly, it pays. I have joined a few other better paying sites, but stopped paying and closed down.

It might requires lots of work there, if you have other better paying sites or work, of course it’d be good to go for them. I am only writing there when I have some free time and inspirations. :)”

Looks good enough as long as it is not some scam sites.


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