Yes I Would Love to Keep my Peace

No matter how many times I'm told to give in to some of the most disrespectful People. My answer to… Read More

6 years ago

Peaceful Is a Decision and I’m Giving Peace

I would rather be peaceful than to create wars. I've been invaded upon but no matter how many times they… Read More

6 years ago

God Knows Exactly When and how

god knows when the final hour will come. God knows what the enemies will do. God knows what we'll say… Read More

6 years ago

The Time to Meditate is now

The power of meditation what can meditation do? Meditation can relieve the stresses in which can occur when having to… Read More

6 years ago

How About Going in Peace

How many consider where they'll go after they leave here? I'm planning on going to my Heavenly resting place. Oh… Read More

6 years ago

The joy of Finding Peace Through Spiritual Meditation

When one comes across chaotic environments there will need to be outlets in which peace can be found. In order… Read More

6 years ago

To Live Peacefully Amongst a Troubled Society

God has spoken to His Children referring to how we'll have to experience troubles. There's no person without adversities. There… Read More

7 years ago

Allow Peacefulness to Take Place

There's so many issues on earth which can generate lots of stress. If we're not careful the mind can go… Read More

7 years ago

Disconnecting and Shutting off From the World

Romans 12: 2 will explain about not being conformed to the world. It's important to renew the mind. Renewing is… Read More

7 years ago

Not Every Situation Deserves Attention

There's no need to address everything. Somethings don't need attention. For instance if a group of people are behaving disorderly… Read More

8 years ago