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The presence of God in the life of men

Sometimes it marvels me when i seat down and look at the creations of nature that are attributed to a… Read More

5 years ago

There are the Many Reasons Why

I'm here because God has allowed and although mankind seems to have many difficulties "accepting" the what is. God has… Read More

6 years ago

Browsec VPN – Free and Unlimited VPN – Apps on Google Play

Browsec VPN - the best way to stay safe while accessing the Internet. Browsec is trusted by over 2 million… Read More

6 years ago

False things about astronauts you’ve been believing

Astronauts are heroes not just to millions of school children, but to millions of adults, too, many of whom grew… Read More

6 years ago

Albert Einstein stolen brain at princeton hospital.

Thomas Harvey, the pathologist on call at the time of Albert Einstein’s death, stole Einstein’s brain, later promising to share… Read More

6 years ago

When you donate your body to science, this happens

So you want to donate your body to science. Or, more accurately, science wants you to donate your body to… Read More

6 years ago

Bizarre things floating in space.

Space, in the words of the not-entirely-immortal Douglas Adams, is big. Really big. It's so big, in fact, that you'd… Read More

6 years ago

The craziest disease conspiracy theories.

If there's something strange in your neighborhood, you call the Ghostbusters . If there's a weird disease, and you don't… Read More

6 years ago

6 Practices That Will Definitely Make You Smarter

Becoming smarter is something you should seek so you can enjoy a better life. According to a 2012 study, Intelligence… Read More

6 years ago

the cat parasite that control human minds.

Cats have a reputation as being standoffish and aloof, when they're really just adorable, loving little floofballs with some serious… Read More

6 years ago