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The Cruelty and pain to animals
May 1, 2017

Mercilessness to creatures, additionally called creature manhandle or creature disregard, is both the accidental (creature disregard) and the purposeful punishment by people of agony or damage upon any non-human creature, paying little respect to whether the demonstration is illegal. All the more barely, it can be the creating of damage or languishing over particular accomplishment, for example, executing creatures for nourishment or for their hide; feelings contrast about the degree of brutality related with a given strategy for butcher. Remorselessness to creatures now and then includes incurring damage or languishing over individual beguilement, as in zoosadism.

Laws concerning creature cold-bloodedness are intended to keep the unnecessary remorselessness. Unique ways to deal with such laws happen in various wards all through the world. For instance, a few laws oversee strategies for executing creatures for nourishment, garments, or different items, and different laws concern the keeping of creatures for stimulation, training, research, or pets. Brutality to creatures is not really an indistinguishable thing from lack of regard towards creatures.

In expansive terms, there are three calculated ways to deal with the issue of savagery to creatures. The creature welfare position holds that there is nothing innately amiss with utilizing creatures for human purposes, for example, sustenance, attire, stimulation, and research, yet that it ought to be done in a way that limits pointless agony and enduring, now and then alluded to as “sympathetic” treatment.

Utilitarian supporters contend from the position of expenses and benefits and differ in their decisions with regards to the passable treatment of creatures. A few utilitarians contend for a weaker approach which is nearer to the creature welfare position, though others contend for a position that is like every living creature’s common sense entitlement. Every living creature’s common sense entitlement scholars censure these positions, contending that the words “pointless” and “others conscious” are liable to generally contrasting elucidations, and that creatures have essential rights. They say that the best way to guarantee security for creatures is to end their status as property and to guarantee that they are never utilized as items.

Creature mercilessness can take a wide range of structures. It incorporates plain and purposeful demonstrations of brutality towards creatures, yet it likewise incorporates creature disregard or the inability to accommodate the welfare of a creature under one’s control. What’s more, it is vital to recall creature savagery is not limited to cases including physical mischief. Bringing on creatures mental damage as trouble, torment or fear may likewise constitute creature pitilessness.

Subsequently of there being such a large number of conceivable types of creature mercilessness, state and domain creature welfare enactment does not endeavor to characterize it in an elite way; rather, creature brutality is portrayed for the most part as any demonstration or ommission that makes superfluous or irrational damage a creature. Most creature welfare Acts will give specific cases of remorselessness. These may include:

– tormenting or beating a creature;

– binding or transporting a creature in a way that is wrong for its welfare;

– executing a creature in an obtuse way;

– neglecting to give fitting or satisfactory sustenance or water for a creature;

– neglecting to give proper treatment to sickness or harm; and

– neglecting to give proper living conditions.

Since creatures can’t represent themselves, it’s dependent upon YOU to represent them and report creature manhandle that you witness or suspect.

On the off chance that you need to help creatures in your group, acclimate yourself with your state’s laws, perceive the indications of mishandle and report it.

Creature pitilessness is illicit in each state . On the off chance that you make a report of charged creature mercilessness, the reacting office is required to examine.

Decide: Most substantial districts have a nearby creature control office, creature protect or sympathetic culture. Do an online hunt to distinguish the organization in your general vicinity, and program the number into your wireless so you are readied. So know with what is around and have a watch over creatures.

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Gamma our pet rooster who left behind indelible memories
April 30, 2017

Taking pictures of Gamma our pet rooster was an interesting activity as he was not like any other birds. He had many endearing ways. He was a part of the household and always sought our company.
Gamma was one among 5 birds we had. They were named Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Theta and Omega. All these birds had a personality of their own but gamma lived to a ripe old age of 12 an age that is normally not seen in birds.

Here is a picture of Gamma when he was around 3. This was the time when he was most active.


Little did we know that roosters would want to mingle and mix with the household. He would stand near the door and ask to be taken in. He never liked to be left alone.


We used to bring him in but not for long as birds do mess up with their droppings.

Right from the time he could crow he would do it anytime of the day. It was no longer the belief that birds crow just when the sun rises.

He so He loved his food.



The most endearing ways of Gamma were that he was friendly with our pet Preiti and they always kept each other company. They used to stroll together, play together and just be with each other.



He was particularly fond of the maid. He would knock on her door and walk right inside, jump up and sit on her books while she was studying.

As he got older it was difficult for Gamma to move around and that meant lifting him around which in fact he liked. He enjoyed human contact. His last days we saw him suffer as he was stool bound which could not reversed.

We miss him very much as he gave us his twelve years filled with wonderful memories.

uld get in and out of his pen on his own – every day at the same time.

We miss him very much as he gave us his twelve years filled with wonderful memories.



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Cat owners bonding with their pet
April 14, 2017

There are a considerable measure of specialists out there who say that felines are entirely autonomous creatures. These extremely same specialists express that felines have related with people because of their methodology of survival. Albeit many contend with this announcement, there are numerous who concur also – despite the fact that those that concur are ordinarily those in the percentile who don’t concur with felines.

Any individual who has claimed a feline will reveal to you that felines are incredible at holding with individuals, despite the fact that they are exceptionally specific. Typically, a feline will pick somebody in the home that he bonds with. You’ll know when a feline needs to bond with you, as he will bounce on your lap looking for consideration or cuddle up to you during the evening when you are dozing. Murmuring is a solid indication of affections, particularly with felines that are hoping to bond.

Albeit numerous specialists have attempted to make sense of it, nobody truly knows why felines pick a specific individual whom they will bond with. It could be the individual’s behavior, voice, or just how that individual treats the feline. Maybe it might be the individual is truly delicate, or perhaps somewhat more powerful – acquiring the best out the feline.

There are a great deal of ways that scientists have attempted to take this subject, one of which being psychic. Some say that felines bond with somebody due to a “psychic air” that is perfect with both the individual and the feline. On the off chance that a feline feels that somebody is giving them an awful vibe, they will essentially disregard that individual. In spite of the fact that this can be consistent with a sense for somewhere in the range of, a larger part of the individuals who claim felines will reveal to you this couldn’t be any further from reality.

Despite the fact that there are a great deal of hypotheses and theory out there, nobody truly knows why felines bond with people. There’s practically no verification accessible also, other than felines and their regular impulse for physical survival. The individuals who claim felines realize that felines pine for consideration, essentially to make them feel required. They want to be spoiled by their proprietors, and will give you consideration and warmth in the event that you simply give them the possibility.

The individuals who are new to owning felines may observe attaching to be altogether different. Felines are not quite the same as different creatures, including canines, as in they bond distinctive. Distinctive types of felines will bond diverse with their proprietors, albeit most lean toward fondness and consideration. The additional time you spend around your feline, the more he will bond with you. Throughout the years, you’ll see that the bond you make with your pet has become exceptionally solid – and basically can’t be broken.

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cat litter normal or silicon best
April 12, 2017

Who has a cat , it you do have then you know that they are awesome but the part where you have to clean after them is th ugly part, tried the grocery store for cats litter but I found one brand and its silicon, tried before the plastic but this no, though it was relatively high price, I had to take it since they have no other. So I decided to took home . I hoped since it is silicon it will hold nicely but clump together nicely no this clumping action what I have issue with long time

But on the other hand the normal cat waste was hard really since it usually breaks when you scoop it to get rid of it


Since this was expensive and made of silicon, hoped really its gong to solve that problem, will it did, worked perfectly fine and was happy that no more messy area and no breaking wasts. But another issue appeared here, the odor

Since that is silicon it mix with waste and gave a bad smell, so I have more of chore since I need refresher or so

Pros:easy scooping, safe for little kittens even safer than beach sand , light in weight, dust free, quick clumping though not strong clumping, cons is the price is too high and not all the cats will like it, some find it not easy to set at and some find it abnormal.

this one was for 10 dollars and was small, so if one last a month now much you will need regularly, its kinda expensive, I do not agree taht silicon is the solution but until then its what I have this month for kitten

If you have more solutions please tell us to learn from you, thanks a lot to all those who share their exprence


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Neighbor Bitten by Cat, “Kamuning” was a Suspect!
April 7, 2017

Photo shows my cat “Kamuning”

Yesterday, I heard kittens crying inside a grassy portion of the road near us, and because I love animals, like cats and dogs, I stopped to observe where the cries where coming from.

They were two newly-born cats, presumably mothered by a feral cat, because it gave birth among the grasses. One of the kittens crawled towards the road, and the sun was shining hot, so I got a big tree leaf I found there, wrapped the back part of the kitten and I transferred it to a shaded area.

My neighbor saw what I did, and she approached me. She said her son was scratched and bitten by a stray cat. She said her son shooed the stray cat away because it fought their pet cat. I thought maybe he kicked the stray cat that’s why he was injured at his feet.

Kamuning was a Suspect!

She asked her son if the one who attacked him was my cat, “Kamuning.” She asked him if the suspected cat had a blue collar, and the son said no. Kamuning had a blue collar, to tell that someone owns her. I felt sorry, because all along, she suspected that it was Kamuning who scratched and bit his son!

I saw Kamuning followed me while I was walking, she even pointed to Kamuning, to ask his son if he was the suspect. Good thing Kamuning was absolved, he is not guilty of biting and scratching the neighbor’s son. If ever Kamuning was the one, then I had to spend for the boy’s anti-rabies vaccination, though I had Kamuning vaccinated for rabies last September. It will expire this coming September, so I have to take him to the Veterinary Clinic to get the new shot again.

I told my neighbor that Kamuning has the anti-rabies shots. She said he took her son to the hospital to get the anti-tetanus shot, then to another animal bite clinic to get the anti- rabies shot. It will be for some three to six sessions (vaccinations), I think.

She said those kittens on the grass should be thrown away because when they grow, it will pose a danger also because of rabies. I pitied the stray cats, though I could not adopt them because I already have Kamuning. I told her the village helper usually takes away the feral cats he finds among the grasses. I didn’t know where he
“dumps” them. I hope someone would adopt them.

Cats are More Dangerous than Dogs

The son’s grandfather approached us when he saw us, and he said cats can be more dangerous than dogs. I said yes, because cats always lick their toes, their furs, and if it has rabies, it could easily infect those who will touched or be scratched by them!

The veterinarian who administered the anti-rabies vaccination on Kamuning told me this, saying cats should really be treated with anti rabies shot. Dogs also, but one cannot get rabies from an infected dog unless it bites him.

To be safe, cats and dogs should be given anti rabies shots yearly. Cat and dog owners should take note of this because rabies is a deadly virus.

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Which pet dog you have?
March 30, 2017

We keep pets for pleasure.And Some people keep dogs as pets.And Others keep birds, pigeon or rabbits as pets.

Pets are the like our family members. They are carefully fed. And Pet owners always protect their pets from danger. I have pet dog. His name is Mack. Mack is very beautiful. And the body of my pet dog is covered with soft white fur. eyes of Jack are large and dark. My dog is very active and playful.

Mack takes rice, biscuits and other food items. And He loves me and is very obedient. Mack guards our house at night. When I come back from the school, my pet dog mack begins to jump in joy. And I love my pet very much. My parents also love dog. Very often, I play with Mack.

It is said that friend in need is friend indeed’. My pet dog fulfill all characteristics of a good friend. In today’s world, it is really tough task to find a true friend. Human beings have become the fond of material possessions. And They have become selfish. But, my pet dog is not a selfish. And He is always ready to selflessly act according to my instructions.

Dogs are found all over world, and it is one 0f main domesticated animals, kept as pets. And Wild dogs are found in jungles in different parts of Asia, Africa Australia. Many dogs are found roaming in the street. Ans These are called unpet or street dogs.

And Pet as well as unpet dogs love to remain in association with human beings in locality. Wild dogs are rare in India. However, there is type of wild dog found in western part of India, Assam, Himachal Pradesh and the Orissa.And The house of dog is known as kennel.

Dogs are vary widely in their sizes, shapes, colors and habits depending on the breed type. The dog is quadruped four footed carnivours animal that likes to live in groups. It body is covered with coat of hairs. Wild dogs have much structural similarity with foxes and the wolves.

Sheep dogs are used to protect the herds of sheep from attack of wolves or jackals. And There is another type of dogs found in a very cold countries like Greenland, Siberia. These dogs are used for drawing and sledge. In general, and dogs are very faithful to their masters.

During breeding season, female dog gives birth to 3 to 6 puppies. And The mother is the very affectionate to her puppies and takes care of them till they are able to live to independently. The average lifespan of dog is about 12 to15 years.

They sleep in the day time and become active at night.dogs bark and make various types of the sounds such as snarl, and howl, ans bark growl to express their to different moods.

Dogs have sharp vision and they can run fast. And For this reason they are used in hunting.
The sweet glands of a dogs are situated in the tongue. My pet dog is like a family member to us.

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“Kamuning Returned,” Where Could She Had Been?
March 25, 2017

After two days of being gone, I was so happy yesterday morning when my pet cat,”Kamuning” showed up near our gate.

She looked so dirty, weak and could hardly eat when I gave it food. I thought maybe someone who got irked on her, could had held her up, caged her or tied her to prevent from getting in their kitchen.

Kamuning has a blue collar, so anyone who could see her will know that someone owns the cat, or it is somebody’s pet cat. Kamuning was a feral cat, and I adopted it thinking it could guard against snakes or rats around our house. She is a good hunter as we observed her to be.

Kamuning is Well-fed

I thought that Kamuning could had looked for other food, because she might no longer wanted the dry cat food (pellets) that I am giving her. Often, she would just nibble a bit of her food then leave it. Or maybe it is but natural for cats to eat a little from time to time, except when they are very hungry.

Maybe the house owner or person who held Kamuning for two days hated cats! It’s good he did not hurt or killed her. But I thought they could had hurt her because when she showed up, it looked frightened.

The Cat Recovered

After I fed and gave it clean water, the cat rested on my lap. It looked so weak so I allowed it to rest on the couch. After a few hours, it became lively again, it came out of the yard and began “surveying” the surroundings. He is our yard guard against snakes or rats!

Then in the afternoon, I gave it a warm bath, because it looked so dirty, and I do not want to touch her because I could not tell where she had been. She also goes up in our bed, so I want it to be always clean.

Taking Care of Kamuning So Well

I felt so sad when Kamuning was gone. I realized I am attached to her, emotionally. So I asked a neighbor to give us one of her kittens when her pregnant cat gives birth. Now, we do not have to get another pet cat because Kamuning returned. We will be watchful now that she had came back to prevent another “missing” incident.

Photo shows “Kamuning” my cat.

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Finding my “Kamuning!” Where’s My Cat?
March 23, 2017

This morning I kept calling for my pet cat, “Kamuning,” but I could not find her. She usually follows me when I walk or bike in the morning. She plays along the road or climb trees; but I did not notice she was gone.

We waited until this late afternoon if she might show up, but she’s still nowhere to be found. Her food which I left at the garage remained untouched. When we go out of the house to buy grocery items or food items at the mall or at the market, she usually runs to meet us when we arrive home, but this afternoon, still no Kamuning to greet us!

Missing the Naughty Cat

Am so sad, I looked for her at the laundry area where she usually sleeps all day. She used to sleep at our laundry basket, but it was empty! I missed her antics. She always try to open our window screen so she could get inside the house. I allow her inside the house for some hours only when she wants to play with me and with our pet dog.

Kamuning is a Good Hunter

If Kamuning would not show up, it meant a big loss for us because she’s a good guard and hunter. She catches rats around the house or at the grassland near us. And it is said that snakes fear cats, so I am afraid there might be snakes showing up again near our yard when Kamuning is not around.

Could Some People Hurt Her?

I am afraid some people might had hurt her or done something bad to her. Kamuning apparently did not like her pellets (food), and maybe she scouted for fish or other food in some neighbor’s kitchen. They might get angry with her, so they might had hurt her. I pity her if they would do it to her.

They know someone owns Kamuning because she has a blue collar, meaning she is not a feral cat so they should not catch or harm her.

Will Get Another Cat In Place of Kamuning

If Kamuning will not show up, we will get another pet cat. I asked our neighbor if their pregnant cat had already given birth. She said it could be, because the tummy was already flat, but she could not tell where it’s kittens are. She said it usually gives birth at the nearby grassy area.

I hope the ground maintenance man will find the new-born kittens. I told him I will get one if he found it.

Do you have pets, or cats for pets? Are you also emotionally attached to it?

Note:Photo shows my pet “Kamuning.” Photo by acelawrites

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A Story of a Cute Bird
March 22, 2017

1             My bird…

Is yellowish in color, with black tiny curves on the head, and a small blue amazing blue beard beneath the beak.

Smart and cute.. calm in all ways.. Kind and thankful..

We wake up everyday in a good temper eating together.. playing with each other <3

She filled my life with joy and happiness.. She just put a smile on my face as well as my kids faces.

My kids love her too, they do not want her to be locked up in a cage 🙂 so we decided to leave her free in our apartment.. So what she eats?

Well she loves small rice grains and hard pieces of bread.. She also do loves crusty cheese =D

I made her a small cage to sleep in and to rest too as bedrooms for humans when they are exhausted at the end of the day ha ha ha.. the cage looks like silver with a thick woody rod in the middle to stand when she likes to.

And a pink swing too, yeah she is my baby bird 🙂 <3

Mmm.. I feel she likes to have a mate one day, thus I am going to buy her one.. To build a happy family of so so cute and unique species of birds.. Who knows! Maybe someday they might have some cute eggs carrying babies inside.. Oh my God, I think it will be a great idea to help her build a family.

Have you any good ideas about planting in very small pots.. Actually I wish to make her cage as the real world.. Trees and green wide spaces to feel as if she is outside..

Well my daughter once told me to plant “Beans”.. do you think it is a good idea?

Ha ha, well I don’t know.. I really just working to make her happy and satisfied anyway.. I know she feels it, cause love and compassion is the international language among creatures.. No matter what language you speak!  But what really matters that your “Heart’ should know how to speak.




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A Cat that Likes to Sleep at the Top of My Head
March 21, 2017

If you found a cat that sleeps in your lap, congratulations because that cat chooses you to be their human. If you have a cat, your cat has a human and that is you. Congratulations, you found each other. However, what if the cat loves to sleep at the top of your head? Well, the meaning is they love you, they super duper love you that they don’t care on how strong the fragrance of your shampoo. Sleeping without you makes their day incomplete that is why no single night that they are not on top of your head.

Cats have different personalities. Some cats don’t mind you existed until you give them food. Some cats really care how do you feel. When they see you sad, they ask you a question. You might not understand their language, but surely once they cried, they are asking you to do something. If they feel you are sad, they will seat beside you. They will close their eyes but they are not sleeping. They are observing if you want a company or not. Some cats are sweet. You need to make them feel they are loved and they will become sweet to you. Trust me, I have cats in my entire life. I know what it means to have them in your life.

Back to my cat, who sleeps on top of my head, he is a teenager cat. He was with us when he was still a toddler. He entered our house and wants us to forcibly adopt him. He welcomes himself, asks for food and the rest is history. This cat will never sleep when I am working online. Whenever I am with my laptop, he will look at me, looks like telling me to spread my blanket for he will lie down. Sometimes he sleeps deeply, but as soon as I keep my laptop, he will move because he knows that I am preparing to sleep.

He will wake up when I wake up. He is with me when I am having my meal. He is waiting for me when I am using the restroom. He is following everywhere. He looks obsessed but nope, he is just a sweet cat. We talk regularly and I end up laughing because he is answering every question I am asking without understanding it. I more likely to think he is just asking for food all the time. He even stops me from working online when he is tired. It seems he is too sleepy to wait for me to lie down in bed. He is serious on that and even literally holding my hands to stop typing.

This cat thinks he owns me. I don’t mind being owned as long as it makes me happy. He is giving me the feeling he is satisfied by my love and care and I am happy to be loving him for forever. I hope that no one from the neighbor that will hurt her because surely I will forget how nice I am and might start a war. I appreciate this cat. I know we are destined to be together.


Image credit: Pixabay https://pixabay.com/en/cat-friend-animal-pets-636172/

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