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Parents, Especially Mothers Should Take Care of Their Children

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In our country, it is a given role of women, of taking care of their children not only during formative or toddler years but up to even teenage years and above.

Mothers should see that their children are safe, and in these modern times, mothers should always keep an eye on their children because they might be victimized by “devils” luring on earth. Why did I say devils on earth? Because they personify one. Take the case of the culprit who raped a seven-years old girl.

The suspect was a sugarcane cutter/laborer, presumably he is part of transient laborers who come to the place where there are sugarcane to be harvested. They are hired by the sugarcane plantation owner or of the businessman who buys the raw material for sugar, the sugarcanes. They live temporarily in the field they are working on, staying there until they had harvested all the sugarcanes.

And so it was one Sunday morning, and the little girl reportedly went with his playmates, many of them boys, to bathe in a river near their house. It was unknown if the parents or the mother knew that the girl went to the river with other children.

Many people go to the river to bathe or wash clothes. Some people who do not have water system connected to their homes usually go to the river to wash clothes. I didn’t know if that river is clean or fit for bathing or for washing clothes. And since it is summer time, many people wanted to bathe in the river or sea to cool off.

Maybe the suspected laborer was there to take a bath or wash his clothes, being a Sunday and it is a rest day for most workers and employees. It could be he saw the girl bathing there. And if he is high on prohibited drug like methamphetamine hydrochloride locally known as shabu, he could had targeted the girl for his evil plan. It was not know how he was able to get the little girl. Like most stories of such abductions, the suspect usually offer food or money to the innocent victim, or will concoct stories saying he know the victim’s parents or he is a relative. So the girl, so innocent of the sinister plans, will go with the man.

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It was unknown what time the rape happened. A passer-by just saw the girl lying in the sugarcane field late in the evening. She was alive, but reportedly bathed in blood.

This incident was told to me by my massage therapist. She said she was about to visit her house when she saw many men carrying bolos, wood, and other sharp objects and apparently looking for someone. She asked one of the men and she was told they were looking for a rape suspect.

If they had found the suspect, he could be dead from the beating by the mob. They were ready to put justice into their hands, as they say they had the reason to do so to an evil man who raped the innocent victim.

The suspect could had fled to some place to avoid the hands of the law. If the parents or anyone from that place have no picture or do not know the suspect, then he is free and could have do it again to another victim.

But the parents should also get the blame for that incident. Should they be cautious and responsible enough in keeping an eye on their children, or to their little girl, it could not happen. They should think that there are many drug addicts lurking everywhere, even in such rural area, especially there are so many transient laborers.

And a man in his right mind could not do that to a young girl. I hope he can be caught and be jailed for a long time.

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    • Too bad, may I know if the raped girl is alive or dead this time?There are so many rapists in our country and if not President Duterte our president, most probably addicts may rape even animals. We only learned that Philippines has million drug addicts when Duterte won in the election. The question, what will happen if another president to come six years from now?What a shame to our justice secretary drug protector, may she die through lethal injection soon when death penalty will be restored back in Philippines.I hate the previous administration for drug addicts multiply in number.Until this time there are still many violating the laws.

    • first, this is totally a disturbing incident. Recently occurrence of such incidents are hitting the headlines of the Newspapers. This is not confined to one region or one country. They are taking place in many countries. In India, there are rapes, lootings, molestation in broad daylight have taken place. When two lovers were coming in a bus after watching the movie the Bus conductor and driver and other antisocial elements attacked them and the girl was raped brutally and murdered. The whole India raised a voice against this incident known by the name NIRBHAYA. A strict law was passed to speed up the trial of such cases. Even then, on 31st of Dec, in Bengaluru city ladies gathered in the heart of the city viz., BRIGADE ROAD to attend a party were molested by the goons and anti-social elements. This was a horrible incident. So far no person was arrested. On the same day, a lady who was returning home and was about 10 feets away from her house was attacked and molested by two persons who followed her on a scooter. This was recorded in a CCTV footage of the locality. So far no person was identified and booked. Even after 5 months, not even the traces were cracked. Who is responsible for this? Are mothers responsible for this? What mothers teach is how to wear a decent dress, how to talk with elders, how one should take care while walking on the road, whom they should make friendship with etc., Throughout the day she cannot be behind her daughter/s to take care of them. If she is a child she should definitely take care of her children and must keep a watch on their movements. Even then no mother can expect such horrible crime taking place on her below 10 years old child.

      I think it would be better such persons should be handed over to the public for appropriate punishment instead of handing over to the police who only register a case and after two or three years close the case on the grounds of lack of evidence or the culprit successfully gets a bail order and move freely on the roads to commit more such crimes.

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