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Your Personality Based on Social Projection

When it comes to personality, we often try to mold ourselves that fits the social norm. And we try to justify it by selling ourselves. And that is one of the things that we have to learn and unlearn often. For example we have to prove that we are safe in this world. In reality that is not the case. We have to prove that in order to be more social. I have found that our personality should come from our own personal values. If we do that then surely we can build much better out of our own values. We don’t get shaked by what happens outside. And instead we focus on what works for us instead of focusing on what society says is good for us. In this article I want to put down on some of the points regarding how society shapes our personality.


Many of us form our opinion on things based on the news. And that can be really dangerous. We have to avoid forming our opinion based on what media posts. And instead focus on what we can do about it. News often comes out in a wrong way. I think news make the best way to brainwash the mass media. You can see that you are just following some of the ways to avoid social rejection. But often some of the news which you consume contribute to that part. And for this reason news are known to affect most of our personality and we have to be aware of that part if we are to be developing ourselves.

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Social Circle

Our social circle also shapes us how we are mold. And that decides how we are making the changes to our own life. I have found that social projection from the circle close to you is responsible for your everyday feelings. And you can see that social circle needs to be improved in order for you to grow. So make sure you are among the right set of the people. You are making the right set of decisions. You are not succumbing to the wrong set of thought process. Because that in itself is going to be making things harder for you. I think social circle if chosen the right way, you can do lot better this way.


You have to take responsibility towards your own thoughts too. And as that is also responsible for making your own life better or less. You can see that thoughts are very powerful thing. You build the life around your thoughts. And you have to consider how you base your life around them. So personality can be developed in that way. You need to understand that you can build yourself based on good thoughts. Think positive. And try to be more competitive. This way you can do a lot better. So as you can see what you think today is going to make your tomorrow. So think wisely.

These are some of my observations when it comes to the perosnality building in society. So pay attention to these set of variables when it comes to building yourselves.

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