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You Must Know These Top Healthy Foods Good For Your Heart
January 17, 2017

Our heart is very vital for life. If it is sick, life will be at risks. Our heart could be considered a traitor to us for it never tells you tat it would like to attack anytime if overdosed it or overuse its functions. It beats accordingly. If happy the beating differs from being sad and lonely. The more the beating is at its extreme mood if angry or insulted. Now, what if your heart is weak? It is not advisable for you to act like an insane when angry, LOL. That is right, when you are angry; you are on your insanity for anger is a temporary insanity. Try it, LOL.


In reality, there are really people who have weak hearts and super strong hearts. The only reason is the manner or way the body owner manages his health. Yes, you can manage your health. You know well the contents of what you are cooking if healthy foods or not. You also know well that if you are always upset, angry, moody, overweight and too thin, make your heart sick. There are many reasons that lead your heart to a disaster zone and here comes you the owner of the body, just feel how important your heart is when its aches due to abuses of food you eat.

It does no guarantee that, since you are rich you have good health. Wrong, those rich like you always deviate from the standard foods. You never like foods that lack sense of responsibility to your heart. You will be in the red alert mood if feel some aches you never felt in the past, for in the past, you  prefer foods that give justice to your hunger , and only to believe what doctors say and what your friends and family say so often to you as correct.

It s also not advisable to feel in dept some problems that could be solved through magic, meaning it could be solved through diplomacy. Do cry to help ease your aching heart, but never make it a habit crying despite nonsense cause. You have to love your body and listen to your instinct to make life happy and healthy.


Now, with the knowledge of the most possibly stronger heart through foods, try yourself to get acquainted with them, so you will have the chance to live too long and heart will be your best friend. The foods presented here vary.

These are the following: oranges, kale, garlic, red wine, dark chocolate, sardines, lintels, almonds, pomegranates. You all know well about these foods.


References: Dr. Al Sears , Health and Home

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    1. Our heart is the bearer of life so we have to take good care of our heart.Despite poor and seldom eat these foods to protect you, but you might be always minding your heart by not giving it aches that may gradually break the most important nerves that connect to the aorta, thus giving you best breathing and beating.

      If your heart is damaged, due to some sicknesses like high blood pressure and kidney disorder, that is the cause of heart attack due to complications. So both sides of life should be protected and only the foods we eat where we can make our body healthy,plus absence of vice entitles you to live too long and free from deadly sicknesses.

    2. We should always eat nutritious foods in our everyday living, and that is very essential for us to be physically fit and healthy if we want to prolonged our life. Our health depends on what food we take, how we live our life and most importantly how we take care of our own self in terms of lifestyle that we have. I just noticed that most people who are living in rural area and eating green foods naturally without any preservatives has the chance to live their years to the fullest instead of those people living in urban area which is full of pollution coupled with lots of free radicals which can harm our body to deteriorate our immune system unfortunately if our defense is weak and those we called intruder gain access to our body it is the time that we get sick and have some sort of illness which in return can damaged our body completely. So, we must be careful about the kinds of foods we intake. It is much advisable if we could be a vegetarian with proper health care to our body, exercise, and a positive outlook in life to gain our OPTIMAL AND HOLISTIC WELL BEING 😉

    3. @ailema eryan,That bis true, we need to eat foods that fit to our body’s needs. Our body is so demanding and if the request is not granted, it does something malicious that turns to sickness. Our body really requires us to eat vegetables and fruits, and other important liquids as part of good health acquisition.Thanks for you nice thoughts of this blog.


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