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Yeah! It’s the pay day of LiteracyBase today!
March 15, 2017
LB payment


It is 15th of March today, and it is the pay day for LiteracyBase too.

I think most of the members whom made a cash out request last month end should receive their payment as me if nothing went wrong in the payment process.

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I claimed for USD10 cash out , i.e  the minimum cash out level via PayPal  on 28th of February. And, after half month waiting, Literacy Base team make their promise into a truth, make payment the next month after the claim submitted by month end.

What made me more than happy is my payment received in net amount, i.e USD10 without deducting any receiving fee. But, according to the feedback and payment proofs from some of the members here, some of them have been deducted some receiving fee, so they only received $9 and some balance, but not USD10.

I am not sure if this due to geographical factors or other issue, you may check with your payment channel, i.e PayPal.

This is my first cash out at LiteracyBase. In fact, LiteracyBase is a legit site, the payment record is proven and no member has complaint on this all the while.

I started to write the blogs last month, but not before. It’s because the admin team of LiteracyBase has implemented a very encouraging move, that is auto approved all the blogs the members submitted rather than waiting for approval, which normally should take about few hours to few days.

The member will see the payment credited into his/her bank automatically once blog is submitted. I personal believe, this is really encourages all of us to write more and share more our ideas about life in order to earn more.

And, other than this, I love to share the blogs written by myself and other users which has a very good and attractive topic into the social media platform too. This is not only able to attract more traffic to LiteracyBase, but we can earn a little penny, i.e $0.001 per view too.

Based on some feedback of other members, some of them able to make $0.30 per day for just bring in traffic via sharing the blogs at social media platform. And, a champion has even made $10 and more for just using this feature. So, why not click the share button at the bottom at the blog if you found some articles are good for sharing around, right?

In my case,  I prefer to share the blogs via a big group in the Facebook which has about 200,000 members. I am just targeting about 0.01% of the members will click and read the blog, then  this 0.01% will transform into 200 x $0.001  = $0.20 per blog. Do correct me if my calculation is wrong.

Can you see, $0.20 is flowing in to our bank via just a click and share.

Thus, I love to work on LiteracyBase and enjoy myself here, hope all of you enjoy too!


Image is my payment proof, I received USD10 net via PayPal account.



    1. Congratulations. It is always great to see when your hard work pays off and you get paid for your efforts.

      I am happy that Literacy Base has stood the test of time when many sites just fold up and go leaving their members in a terrible situation, Literacy Base is still standing tall.

    2. Yes, @Dawnwriter, I believe you have cash out too. And, agreed with you, that it’s always great to see the hard work pays off, so excited to see it!
      And, I am happy too that Literacy Base has stood the test of time, as we all known, most of the site outside come and go, and leaved the members with huge amount of outstanding payment.

    3. I also received mine today , MArch 15, here. It is the same as what I have redeemed here last February 28.

      Thankfully no deduction like what you mentioned.

      I thought it would be credited 10th of March and I was even thinking of asking why it is taking time to be credited to PayPal since the 10th until I saw it in my email today.

      Well, this is already a proof that this site is legit. I will tell my friends over the site so they will already come here too.

    4. That’s very great to know, but i haven’t received the payment yet.

    5. Congratulations to everyone who has received payment today on Literacy base. I’m still new and working my butt off. I’m sure one fine day, I’ll receive payment as well. Bye guys, I’m off to do my bit.

    6. It is good to know you received you payment. It will encourage newbies like us to also give more time here interacting or submitting blogs to reach the minimum payout easily.

    7. Yay Congratulations! This is encouraging to here! I hope to cash out this month for next months pay! Keep up your great work 🙂

    8. Yes, congrats to those have received the payment, and hope @harpreet singh will receive your payment soon too.
      And, it’s really encouraging for all of us to write and interact more here for sure, I believe. In fact, Literacy Base never miss in its payment record,it’s a legit site.
      This is a really a good site for us to work on, enjoy and have fun!

    9. I just joined the site today, however, this has definitely encouraged me to write here more! I can’t wait for my cash out day! Thank you for the boost in confidence.

    10. i learned you need to ask for your money then you get paid next month, s o you are paid in the middle of the month, it takes 15 days for the site literacybase to send your payment to paypal or whatever the payment you want? please tell me

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