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Writing Sites- Can we trust them?

My first experience with online writing was on a site called Bubblews. Most of us are familiar with the site. It was really good learning and earning experience. For about a year, I earned almost $150-200 from the site every month. And then the site stopped paying. I lost almost $600 pending payments.

After bubblews, I stopped writing online. I tried a few sites like personapaper etc but nothing came close to bubblews. I again began actively writing online about a year back. I had quit my daily job and online writing was a good & constructive way to spend time though earnings were negligible.

Blogjob was a good site where I was paid thrice. When it stopped paying, it was a big jolt to many. Though the ones with adsense account are still writing there and earning through adsense.

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I wrote quite a lot on literacybase and got paid here four times. I wrote on hubpages but the earnings are so slow that I have no hopes of ever redeeming there. Now I am removing my posts from hubpages and shifting them to my own site. I also wrote on blogbourne but deleted my account when I saw that they pay ridiculously low amount. My writing stint on expertscolumn also proved to be a failure as the earnings are super slow there.

I redeemed once at Niume but since it required only five lines, I didn’t mind the slow earning there. In between came tinycent. The site was really good in terms of pay rates. The admin seemed to be genuine but proved to be a big fraud. Not only I lost my payments but also all the articles which he so cleverly shifted to a new site which the old members have no access to. The experience with tinycent made me wonder if writing sites are to be trusted.

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    1. that is the risk in working online we don’t know if a site is legit until it is to late most of their trick was to pay in the beginning then stop paying at the end, if you can suggest some site where i can earn in writing blogs i would be very glad

    2. I was also a member of some of the sites you mentioned; Bubblews my first try at blogging where I also had unpaid redemptions about $200, but I also earned a lot from it; Niume, which I did not spent so much time then left; Personapaper which also closed and earning was so slow too; then Tinycent, which I also did not visit after some changes in the site. I have not retrieved my posts there.

      Now I am at myLot and Literacybase only. It seems writing in blogsites has no reassurance. I hope LB will be here for a long time.

    3. I was on bubblews as well! I was on the site from the start till about the end, except it did start going downhill after the first time it stopped paying. It’s a shame the site closed but it makes sense since the pay out rate had decreased substantially.

      I do hope LiteracyBase works out for me, I’m not really sure if I want to start a blog as it seems like a lot of effort but writing was always my way to express myself. I hope I can continue contributing here and learn the ropes quickly enough. 🙂

    4. LB will not disappoint you for sure.

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