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Writers Should Consider Taking Breaks
December 26, 2016

Some writers may feel as if breaks aren’t necessary. Just like anyone else working, breaks decrease fatigue, breaks will boost memory. Writing can become stressful especially if there’s deadlines involved. Some writers may choose to work everyday and some do vacation and which they have every right to do so. Writing is a craft, for some a hobby, and for others it’s a “career.” No one should work all of the time. “Writing” can be easy but can also be difficult. It all depends all the category of writing.

Some writers may feel as if certain writers should be constantly working. It’s better to work smart and refrain from overworking. Writing a few articles a week is enough for some writers and some may choose to write rather frequently. There’s seasonal writers and writers who work for companies. The ones working for companies will more than likely receive some vacation if they’re full-time writers.

Writing is rewarding and when one first starts out. The rewards aren’t as plentiful. Once a writer becomes experienced then they’ll start making more. Some writers choose to work on one website and others write on numerous websites. There’s also assignments on which writers can participate in. Some sites pay well but the writing must be well written. Everyone needs a break from time to time. There’s writers who will work consistently but that’s always necessary.

Some writers become workaholics. Overworking can create stress and stress causes the health to decline. Not all writers work in the same manner but one thing writers should have in common is setting aside some time to unwind. Writing shouldn’t be stressful but for some writing may become stressful due to the competition. There’s a lot competition when it comes to writing and other “ventures.” Taking time to rest is very important. Some writers may not be able to afford vacations but at some point a writer should consider a few getaways a year.

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    1. Agreed. You are right. Writing may become a source of stress for us if we follow some strict and inflexible schedule. Following some sort of timetable may not be a good idea in this regard as its effects are devastating in the long run.

      I am not writing with an intention to touch the minimum threshold by 30th of every month. It may be a stressful activity for me so I did not consider it rather I do focus on writing whenever I have ideas and feelings to share with my friends here on this site. I am enjoying the overall activity by doing so.


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