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Women’s Fashion Started When Playing Dress Up Game in Childhood Years

Most girls at young age love to play dress up game. It is where they appreciated the fashion. The moment they see their mothers’ dress up in front of a mirror. Out of curiosity, the young ones look up to their mother. It wasn’t traditional to know about how to look better in public.

Mothers are usually shown the proper dress up. It will always start going out in the park, restaurant, playground, etc. Most kids are dress up during their birthdays. A beautiful dress is usually the outfit to celebrate her natal’s day. At some point, these young girls adapted dressing up games. If mom’s not around, the little girls are exploring the closet. They tend to check the clothes, accessories, shoes, etc.

It was really fun for these young girls to look at themselves in front of a mirror. The manner of wearing their mother’s clothes have the feeling of dream come true. As they grow older, some of them would love to be in the industry of fashion such as be a model, fashion designer, owning a fashion boutique, etc.

Girls with big imagination and dream can fulfill being in fashion. It is a passion that drives them to be in the future. Dress up game has been the main factor to be in love with fashionable clothes, accessories, extravagant shoes, etc.

Whatever the girls’ dreams, it always comes to the point that the starting point is from home. The mothers are the one molded them to be somebody and find ways to learn how to reach one’s goal in life. A child’s dream is too strong that parents need to support him or her all throughout. That’s the reason why mother always needs to be supportive and have an important role for their children in the younger years.

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