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Why You Should Learn Linux This Year

I think many of us are into learning Windows and Mac. But time has come that many people should start using the free operating system. And we should move most of our tasks in this free software. And by doing that we can get much ahead in terms of skills. Also it costs no money. And the learning curve is not that bad. But with given time you can pretty much learn anything that you want. Linus is one of the good places, that may be good enough for what you do and should do with the automation. It can help with many small things. In this article, I want to point you to what are some of the reasons you should be using Linux and how to learn it without much effort.


The best part about Linux is that it is free. And you don’t have to pay for it. You can find a lot of options, and methods which can help you to learn along the way. You can find that YouTube has plenty of videos which can offer you free content. You can google for “GNU” keyword. And you’d find many sites that offer you the download of the free Linux. Ubuntu is one of the popular Linux which is free. And in given time, you can find that Ubuntu can do a lot of things for you. So being free does not stop the way these software are working or people these days. And this is also included in many educational system.

Open Source

Another important point about the Linux. Here you can see that the code of entire operating system is open. And you can see that this can be really helpful as far as the learning is concerned. You can learn a lot in the process of open source. You can find free documentation and that too also open source. So that’s something Linux have and it is continually improving. You can also find an option with the open source to share with others. I have found that there are many people who are finding such OS which may benefit them in due process. I think for this reason you have to consider that part.


Have you noticed that Windows and Apple are some of the OS which are known to have security issues?And in fact you pay a lot of amount for the OS. And then patch it on regular basis with the security issues. In case of Linux security patches are free. Also the upgrades are free in the process. You can see that reliable nature of thee OS is what bring the people to use it. You can see that operating system like Linux is designed to be secure. And it has less issues compared to Windows. So make sure to invest some time to learn it and in due process learn how to handle thee same.

That being said, start by downloading the trisquel OS and then see if you like it for everyday use. There are some of the things you will learn in the due process. And that is the part you have to look forward to as well.

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