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Why Tinycent is no more my preferred site?

I joined tinycent on August 11th 2016 when the site was just launched. Besides tinycent, I was writing on some other sites like literacybase, expertscolumn, hubpages, elitewriters etc.  but tinycent was my preferred site at that particular time. The reason was very simple. I earned more on tinycent in the first month than any of the other sites that I worked on. But the joy was short-lived.

If I talk about my experience at writing sites then here is a comparison in terms of earning:

  • Literacybase: I used to earn 11-12$ every month on literacybase when I was a regular writer here. My highest payment so far on the site has been 18$ and I have been paid four times by LB. I was one of the earliest members who joined the site. However it was a real struggle to reach the minimum redemption amount of $10 on the site. Minimum word count for posts is 300 words but you can earn more if you write 500 words or 1000 words post.
  • Blogjob: It was a good site and I earned $150 in three payments before the site suspended its reward system.
  • Expertscolumn: It requires posts of minimum 400 words. With 46 posts on the site, I did not manage to reach even a single payment though I have been on the site for almost a year. It pays per view and the minimum redemption amount is 5$.
  • Elitewriters: The site requires 200 words per post and pays per view . I quit the site in a month as I never got good views on the site though I used to share at different social media sites. My posts on other sites shared at the same platforms used to fetch me good views.  This is the reason I stopped writing there.
  • Blogbourne: I quit writing on the site when the super moderator joined there and messed up things. I removed all my posts there. I didn’t reach any payment and now the site is also on the verge of closing down.
  • Tinycent: I received almost 100$ in the four payments I received on tinycent. I was doing good on the site and was pretty excited about the earning opportunity. However tinycent proved to be a big fraud. We were denied our pending payments as the site went downhill. The admin never responded to any messages. Worst thing was that he opened another site called gotmatter and put up our entire content there. My posts on gotmatter even show my name saying the content is copyrighted but I have no access to the site. So this dishonest admin of tinycent is still earning money from ad networks using the content from the writers who wrote for tinycent. This is just blatant form of cheating.

There are hardly any good writing sites around now. Literacybase has been around for months and has been consistent in paying its writers. I am writing only for my blogs and literacybase these days. Better to earn less than lose the content!

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