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Why Money Changes Life but Happiness Can not Change It

I think many of us are under delusion that the happiness has power to change life. But in reality, happiness does not change the life. In fact the amount of time it takes for happiness to change life, money can make a lot of people happy. It can do a lot of things which happiness can’t. You can see that money is what makes many of us people understand where we stand. That way we have to understand how the money should be used. Happiness is the by product of money. But money can’t be by product of the happiness. Because some of the people who are happy without money can show you where it stands most of the time. Here in this article, you can see how the happiness can change your life and how money can change it way better than that.

Money buys home

You can be happy in even a shelter. But money buys you home which can keep you secure. You can see that money is not going to make you happy in home. But it has power to buy the home, which happiness can’t buy. Because money requires sacrifice, you can be unhappy but able to buy the house with just the money. As you can see that some of the time money is something you need and happiness can’t be there to solve your problem. So home is something you can buy and happiness is what makes that home something worth coming back to. That’s the point of the home.

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Money buys Vehicles

Ever seen happiness of people who walk vs the people who can ride a vehicle? I think you can see that vehicle can solve a lot of problems. It can take you to places. You can reach work place on time. You can reach hospital on time. And list goes on. You can see that money can help you buy such vehicles. And you can see that some of such vehicles that you drive can help throughout your life. So money definitely has some place when it comes to vehicles.

Money buys people

You don’t want to admit it but money does buy people. You have to understand that people don’t want to admit this fact. But they can be only doing this for you if you know how to spend money on them. In short you have to understand that money surely buys people. And that being said you have to keep people around with the power of your money. Most of the people who can do that successful end up being on better side of the life. As you know life can throw some odd curve ball and you have to manage your happiness before you even expect things to change in your life.

These are some of my observation about the money and happiness. Your observation may differ. Each one of us have different life and the set of things to do in your life. So things do change this way as we move ahead in life. Money is the prime thing in society.

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