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Why Are Many People Want To Learn English Language?

Here in our country, the Philippines, many Filipinos are learning the English language because of many reasons. They will use it to an online tutorial, which is common now. They will use it to apply for call centers or BPO companies, they use it as they go to other countries, and of course, English makes them competitive.

They went through formal teaching by studying written English or grammar. Nevertheless, its main purpose, while we are learning English, is for us to be able to communicate not only within our community but also internationally since it is the international means of communication. English is use in business meetings, in online businesses, and other daily activities in relation to our lifestyle. Therefore, it is necessary to master or at least have enough knowledge in the art of spoken English because it is the most commonly used compared to writing.

Just recently, I started my training on how to become an English speaker and I want to share my first learning about it. I am going to talk about basic of spoken English.

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In spoken English language, it can be taken differently. It could be informal speeches like for example if you are asked to speak in front of your co-workers or in your organization. You may also ask to give a lecture in a school or a class on a specified field that you expertized.

Such lectures, as well as speeches, are considered as spoken prose because, in the process, some written English features are being used. They are prepared by the speaker in advance, which involves more on research, summarizing, revisions, and rehearsal. Taped reports or television and radio broadcasting that are eventually recorded in advance are under this category.

Dialogue is also more likely to be spontaneous than formal speeches or lectures. It does not require advance preparation or careful planning. However, a job interview is exempted because it needs preparation.

I was once in a job interview and yes, I prepared for it in advance. I read all the possible questions that the interviewer may ask and I also read some tips on how to answer them properly but during the interview, I still have to think of more ideas to come up with the correct words or terms that suit my personality.

Almost all dialogues are being done informally. This could be a conversation between family members or between friends. It can also be greetings between acquaintances or strangers. Or it could be a conversation between a seller and a customer on a shop or store.

Speech, lectures, or dialogues are necessary to our lives and English is the language that we could use in order for us to understand each other. Although, for dialogues, our own dialects can be used if we are talking to families but for strangers or foreigners, it is a must to speak in English. That is how powerful English language is, it is used to communicate with wide range of people.

On my next discussion, I am going to give some tips on how to be fluent in speaking English.


    1. Since, English is the most internationally used language or should I say it is a universal language, people are eagerly learning how to use it.

      AT least, when they know how to speak English fluently, it would impress the interviewers for jobs and would hire you for the job.

      Nowadays, even the Filipino children are speaking in English already. That’s because in posh schools, English is already being taught amd spoken.

      What I also noticed is that speaking English has now become a determinant of one’s status in life. If everyone at home is English speaking, that means the family is of a high social standing.

      Do you agree on this observation of mine?

      • I do agree with you @Dina. Sometimes, speaking the English language will definitely determine an individual social status.

        I also agree that speaking English fluently is an edge in applying for a job most especially in BPO companies as I have mentioned, teaching jobs (online or classroom setting), HR management, and so on.

        However, with the implementation of K-12, local dialects most especially in public schools are used as a medium of teaching. Unlike before, we are forced to speak English inside the classroom.

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