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What’s Your Favorite Jelly, Jam, Preserves or Fruit Spread?
September 7, 2016
What's Your Favorite Jelly, Jam, Preserves or Fruit Spread

Do you have a favorite fruit topping for your toast? In the house that I grew up, there were only two choices: Welch’s grape jelly or Smucker’s strawberry preserves. That’s what my mom bought. Since she was in charge of grocery shopping, that’s what we ate!

So for most of my young life, it never occurred to me to eat something different. Until … one day, my mom brought home grape jam instead of grape jelly. It was still the brand name Welch’s but it was jam instead jelly. I don’t know why! Maybe there was no more jelly on the store shelf. It was a mystery. But whatever the reason … we all went “WOW! It was amazing!” We kids made an incredible discovery. Jam spreads much smoother than jelly! It tastes just as good with peanut butter. Why didn’t mom always buy this?

Well! All of the siblings, my sister, my brothers and me, decided to unite and requested that mom buy jam hence forth and forever more! She complied. My mom was easy! (Sometimes.) 🙂

Fast forward to my life as young adult. Got a job working for the federal government and was sent on an official assignment to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Usually I ate breakfast in the hotel before leaving for work. I ordered a typical American breakfast: bacon, eggs, and toast. At this particular hotel, they had a basket of assorted jellies and jams on the table. Included in the assortment was pineapple preserves.

My life was changed forever!


Those pineapple preserves made the toast tastes like I was having a tropical party in my mouth!  It got so that I looked forward to having breakfast every morning!  🙂


 So now, if anybody asks what’s my favorite jelly, jam, preserves or fruit spread?


 Pineapple preserves. What else?!   🙂


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    1. I love KAYA, butter and sugar or peanut butter on toast, taste just good with hot cocoa or coffee.
      I did tried making my own KAYA- coconut screwpine jam, taste good and sweet.
      Doesn’t taste as good as canned KAYA.
      Maybe I should try get the right recipe

      • A recipe would be nice. I have never heard of KAYA. You can make your own and it comes canned? Maybe I should check the aisle in our grocery store that has international foods.

    2. Oh yes!! It would be pineapple jam for me as well. But I make my own jam with cherries and star goose berries that grow in my garden and until that gets over I suppose I will have to wait to get the jame that I love.

      • Recently we have been trying the fruit spreads. They don’t use as much sugar as jams, jellies or preserves. My husband likes the raspberry and black cherry fruit spread. But I think the pineapple fruit spread is the best! 🙂


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