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What Scandal? The Trump Sex Tape?
January 11, 2017

I do not think there is a person in the world who thinks that Donald Trump is any kind of moral icon.  I don’t think there is anyone with a fully operational brain who looks ‘up’ to Donald Trump.

He is a crass, loud mouthed, common guy that many of us would not invite to our dinner table.  He is a guy I would not allow near my children.   His life is a toilet bowl of exploitation, tricks, lies, sexual predatory behaviour, and all other things which make him rather unsavoury.

Americans voted for him because that is what they want.

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I have often referred to a movie called Idiocrasy which is a ‘fantasy’ about the world, 1000 years in the future. Obviously, the writers of the presentation were a bit too conservative as to time, thinking it would take 1000 years for the population to become as stupid as they are today.

To act as if the KGB would need to send a prostitute to Donald Trump, and that what happened in that room was worthy of being recorded and used as ‘leverage’ is  ridiculous.

What Trump has articulated in regards to the relationship between the United States and Russia is more than common sense.

The ‘Great Game’ began in the 1800s among members of Queen Victoria’s family.   It was the English Empire vs the Russian Empire; a family affair, considering the blood connections between the two Empires.   It was a version of a sibling rivalry played in other countries with the lives of other people.

When Germany got involved, (another blood relative) the two turned against him.   Then went back to fighting each other.

After World War II the United Kingdom was devastated, it was unable to continue the ‘Game’ so the United States took it’s gear and began to play against the Soviet Union, (the new name of Russia).

This Game went on through the years of the ‘Cold War’ and finally petered down to nothing during the 1990s; roughly one hundred years after it began.

It was reignited, for no real purpose, as there is not argument between America and Russia.  The real threat is the Islamic Terrorism.

Why spend 1c fighting Russia when they are of no danger to the West?

If one wants to talk economic, the ‘enemy’ would be China which has been able to infiltrate most nations in the world with their cheap products.   Yeah, the stuff might be cheap and some dangerous, but they fill the shelves from Kinshasa to Kingston, and American products are hard to find.

It isn’t just America which is suffering the ‘attack’ of the Chinese goods, it is also Japan.   Stand on a road in Jamaica and count how many Chinese made motor cycles pass compared to Japanese.  Less than one out of twenty motorcycles are Japanese, the majority are Chinese made.

Almost every electronic product is made in China.   One can’t find American made goods easily.   If America wants a ‘trade war’; go after China, because beyond expensive Caviare and Vodka, there are no Russian products.

For people to think that Russia would need to hack so as to effect the election is ridiculous.  People Voted for Trump. Yeah, more Clinton, but the bias comes from the Electoral College,  not Moscow.  To think that a ‘sex tape’ involving Trump would be more than a yawn shows how pathetic America has become.

It isn’t useful to create a ‘Scandal’.

Americans have to understand that they are not the world, and that there are billions of people who look at the United States and it’s clown of a President, and don’t need any fuel for that fire.

For the next four years, unless a lightening bolt comes out of the sky and hits Donald Trump during his inauguration, he will be the President.

Those who don’t like it ought have voted for Hilary.   As not enough did, they sat on their vote.  And as it is said; ‘Speak now, or forever hold your peace’ … America ‘spoke’, Trump is there, and like those of us who thought it was a joke to elect the Class Clown as president of the class, it does not result in funny.

    1. I have to agree my this article. Trump has a very loud mouth. He is most definitely not a person I would look up too. Look.up to what? Someone that only cares bout their self, uh no not this way. I do not like Donald and I probably never will. Its just the way he carries himself and try to manage things, he would want to be around someone like him. And all he does is constantly judge and that’s in a wrong way of course if you know what I mean! I say no to Donald. He is just gonna make america worst by being in that office watch and see.

      • I totally agree with you. He is repulsive. And there’s no ‘bottom’ to him so that one could be shocked by a sex tape.

    2. It’s a big shame in history to really have someone like trump be chosen to lead the world’s super power. How is life going to be for the American people, what will the rest of the world look like, how will other countries deal with th3 most arrogant president of all times? So many questions come to play when you think about this whole thing.
      It seems like a horror film for sure. I would ask why would someone waste their time and vote to bring in someone like this? Someone who clearly had no interest for the rest of the world and his people, the people that he’s going to rule. What were they thinking when they cast that vote surely. It just goes to show that there are people who are just as rotten. Am sorry Americans I don’t mean to be harsh on you but you made him president and now you will have to live with the embarassment of a loose mouth, filled with egoistic character kind of person, someone who has zero respect for women I sometimes wonder how he treats his wife in the house of he can treat and speak to women without respect. He feels he’s the most bright person in this world how he ended up with a woman who cannot even come up with a speech of her own and had to copy Michelle’s brilliant speech only God knows. He needs to do a lot of work on that part before he can start appearing in podiums to talk to people of high statute. Well that’s the reality of things right now. Americans will just have to find a way of dealing with alot of surprises in the coming year. Its good luck to you all.

      • He is going to be a huge humiliation to America, but one those of us in the 3rd and 4th World will relish. America can no longer hold it self as some beacon or superior. Never before in American history has a person so foul been placed in that office; and those who reached there undeserving were often the result of the death of the President, and only served out the term before being dispensed with.

    3. The world must be careful of the trump presidency if not we are going to have a 3rd world war being started by trump using all the resources at his disposal as there seems to be more stupid people now in america than anywhere in the world. They are ready to do anything that their clown leader tells them. If his people who supported him did that on his lies the we are in trouble . He will woke one day and tell his people he dreamt the world is against america so they need to destroy the world and with one atomic bomb the world will become history including america itself. we are all under threat from trump america.

      • The dangers are real. People don’t get it. He’s made enemies and will make more. And it is getting clearer that he has no idea what he’s doing.

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