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What Jealousy Can Do to your Life

I think biggest problem with your life is the jealousy. And you can’t get much from the life if you remain jealous all the time. You can see that many people are spending their life working harder to achieve the goal. And when they see the other person getting it easier, then they are going to be jealous. I am sure there are some of the people who are spending time focusing on their own plans. And when spending time working on their own plans, you can find them having peace and better life. In this article, you can find how jealousy is going to be stopping you get the most of from the life. We discuss how it is bad for your mental health and how it can ruin your present days. And this in turn affecting your everyday life as you happen to succumb to the jealousy as you go ahead.


Biggest problem that you are going to get from the jealousy is the anxiety. You feel bad about your own life if you think others are doing better than you. And that means you have to focus on your own game. And there is nothing that you can do about it. But that does have it’s own mental effect. You may find yourself wasting a lot of time. And you develop an anxiety. This has worked against many people. You may find that anxiety does take some toll off your life. And there is nothing that can be done for your mental state. You just have to fight it and build a better life based on that.

Self Esteem

Another loss that you may notice is the self esteem. You’d find yourself in position that you no longer fit in many places. You have to find where you work better. I think one of the harder things to get back is self esteem. You should understand that self esteem never gets back easily once it is gone. You have to guard it with yourself as armor. You don’t have to treat it like pride but you have to put yourself in better position and build yourself on better place. You may have to do lot of therapy and things in order to build that self esteem back. That’s what I can tell you when it comes to jealousy.


Often people who are going to be jealous may get into the depression. This is because we are going to justify why we are not happy and rich. And that will lead to depression. We have to keep on doing the hard work. And then we have to decide what makes us more comfortable with that. If you compare yourself then you will get depression. That is something you have to understand if you wish to avoid jealousy affecting your life. Many times we don’t focus on that part and end up being unhappy. And that seems to be a cycle that has affected more people. So that needs to be taken care of as well.

As you can see jealousy is one of the bad emotions that we have in life. And we have to consider ourselves to step out of it.

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    1. Jealousy can consume a person. When one is jealous of another person, it shows that the other person is better thus it makes the jealous person, feel depressed.

      Because she is jealous, she could concoct lies to discredit the person she’s jealous of.

      For lovers, jealousy can be fatal. There are cases that because of unfounded jealousy the other partner was killed by the jealous lover.

      Though, for lovers a little jealousy is nice. It makes them closer once the jealousy is addressed. 🙂

    2. Jealousy is a bad thing. people who tend to be jealous of others do not go far in life because they use up all their energy thinking of how good someone else’s life is. I doubt if I can envy someone, I will only aspire to be like that person. Jealousy pulls you back, live and let live. It shall be well with you at your own appointed time. All fingers are not equal.

    3. Jealousy is definitely a negative state of mind. The anxiety will take place if there are still some chances for getting the things that others have got but you do not. Here, one will put forth one’s best efforts to achieve them. This is the best aspect. This can also be viewed as positive thinking.

      The element of comparison always lies in jealousy. We know pretty well of not getting the things in spite of our best efforts. Still, we want them. We feel the jealousy of others possessing those things which are totally meaning. In this case, it definitely causes depression which ultimately leads to self-destruction.

    4. Jealousy is like an instinct.This feeling is inherent in man. It is part of human existence and no one can hide it from him or her for it is part of life. Jealousy is an emotion but controllable for we have the brain to analyze and there are no valid reasons to get wrong because of jealousy. Jealousy if not controlled is like love that kills, yes jealousy kills.


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