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We Will Fight to be the Person We Should Be

Life is good but it is a journey. In its journey, it has phases. The phases consist of struggle and the other one is a success. We struggle all the time. We struggle to make ends meet. If we have jobs, we struggle to earn, we will adjust to our environment, we will push ourselves to work with people that we hate, we hate our boss and the pay, even if we are not comfortable we need to forget about that.


If you are jobless, you find a job. It is not easy to find one. With the situation in the economy, some people end up with jobs that are far connected to the degree they finished. Some who didn’t finish school might end up in a low-paying job. Most of them are entering agency because it is easy to find a job, even if it is low paying.

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If we are a mother, we take care of our children. Being a mother is a noble job. You take care of the family as they are the head. They should always be responsible. Even by reading everything makes us breathe hard now. Why does it always be a struggle? Why does it always hard on us to live? When will it be comfortable?


There is no easy in this world. If you get something that easy, you will never appreciate it. You will never appreciate the journey, the destination and you will never appreciate yourself. Even if you know it is quite a struggle, you should always think that it is not a hindrance for you to become a person you dream to be.


Hard as it seems, but do not give up on what you want to be. If you want to be earning more, then fight the odds of life and focus on how to earn more. Earning money will help you save money. Saving money means you are ready for an emergency. Saving money means you have extra money to invest, to put your dream business. If you want to be a person that is rich, the person who is free from a financial problem, then you know what to do. You provide a solution to your issues.


It is never too late to be a person you want to be. Never too late to start another dream, to put a dream into a process, and to change yourself for the better. Time is in our hand. The right time is always now. If you dream to be a person who is successful in whatever profession you are, then you act on it now. You might stop occasionally, but choose to move forward despite the challenges in between because you cannot describe the feeling of being there. Making your dreams to come true is one of the greatest achievement every individual can do for themselves. If other people can, then you can. It is a long process. It would be a long and rocky road, yet you are getting there one day and it will be a victory. We should fight to be a person we should be.


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