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We Need A Rest Day Every Week!
April 1, 2017

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The rate of the increase of patients suffering from high blood pressure, cardiac arrest and stroke (Paralysis) is very alarming. I lost my parents to high Blood pressure and stroke. This topic reminds me that we in the present world should schedule a day in the week for rest apart from the night sleep. Some of us do not even sleep well at nights.
On that scheduled rest day, one needs a quiet place for relaxation and possibly sleep for some hours. On that rest day, all communication gadgets including phones, laptops, and personal computers should be clicked off or disabled from receiving calls. The messages boxes can be left open so that those who call and miss us can send their messages to the inboxes which we shall read immediately after the rest period.
It is at this rest period in the scheduled day that we keep the brain out of a load of thoughts, arteries and veins off unnecessary exertions. At this rest period one should keep off from thoughts, worries, anxieties and unnecessary expectations.
During the rest day, we should inform our family members, colleagues and friends that we are observing the rest period. This will make them not to disturb us. It should be borne in the mind that these people we interact with on a daily basis continue their lives if we pass away as workaholics. The will not share our pains of heart attack, stroke or even high blood pressure. None of them will follow us to be in the solitary grave if we die. We need to define rest and apply it properly.
According to Collins Pocket Dictionary for schools,”Rest” is defined as “sleep or repose”. It is “refreshing inactivity after exertion, or period of this.”Rest also means relief from anything distressing and tiring. A lodging place is called a rest house for travelers and workers.
It is natural for a labourer to have rest so as to recover lost strength. The activities of life just from the time of waking up from the bed in the morning till bed time raises restlessness for us. From household chores, school runs, office or factory work, farm work, club activities, church activities, community activities, to the end of the day activities sap our energy daily. That is why we need rest at least twelve hours in a chosen day of the week.
A workaholic should bear in mind is that this world has been in a flow before he or she came into it and it is true that that the world will continue when he or she takes an exit of it. Let us rest to have more days of service instead of working without rest to end our lives abruptly.

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    1. For those with hig blood pressure or any health issues they do need more rest true like they need maybe two days a week to rest, but with those how do not have health issue maybe one day will be good torest but not for me, i need more than 2 or three days, to rest, i do not know why but i now that i need 2 or three, depend on my mood and mostly my laziness, that is wise words post and so good to read it as it remind us to take care fo our health and our life and family too, all these affect your life and work at the same time and same amout too.
      for me it was vitamins less than normal wahtmake me tired but now im just used to e little lazy and need more days off, though i admire who work alot, but life is not only work and not only money, am i right ehre, i like to work and live i liek to have time for work and for me also other wise no need to work fi im not going to f=rest and life the life i want and the life that we are working for am i right there frinds, any suggestion will be awesome thanks

    2. I do think that we need to take a rest once a week. If not, how can we face the challenges in life with a weak immune system? I am sure most of us needs and workaholic should not think twice about it. I always see to it that taking a rest is in my list of task.


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