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We are not so busy as we think.
April 22, 2017

It is likely that when people ask how you are doing, most likely answer is that you are very busy. It has become customary, and as self-evident to express it verbally or otherwise allow it to understand, for example, keep checking your phone or laptop in meetings or doing multiple tasks at the same time, in fact without focus on anything. But is it really? It may seem that it is necessary to be able to speak out in one breath the reasons why we are constantly busy. However, this does not impress people. Even worse is the fact that they can form a negative opinion about you, and it can hurt your career and relationships.

We found ourselves in a position not only because of own fault or simply due to the fact that we now have a multitude of devices and gadgets, but also due to the fact that we use the Internet regularly. It is mistakenly considered that giving the impression that you are busy, even if it is not true, you will look more valuable and more important to your manager, colleagues, family members or friends. It may be that once it was true, until it not became just an automatic response. In fact, people hear something entirely different. Surrounding think that you want to be seen not so much as you are productive, but by how much you are busy. People may think that you are not able to properly manage your time.

The next time someone asks you how you are doing, make a pause, usually do not rush to say that you are very busy. Instead, take the opportunity to say something interesting. Be creative, talk about what activities you participate, what you are interested in, what do you do now, or what you will be doing at next  weekend. One thing is clear Рconstant talking about your busyness will help neither your career nor your family will be happy.

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