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We all have that one person..

This blog post is dedicated to a person very special to me. That’s not my girlfriend, best friend, my pet, my parents or anyone else. It’s my very own cousin. He is the person that I admire the most, and no matter how much we argue sometimes, I love him because he’s my blood and I grew up with him alongside my parents too.

We all have that one person that we reflect to, and we admire. In my case that is my 23 year old cousin, that I admire the most on this world. I’ll list some reasons down below why.

  1. He’s parent-like to me

    First of all, and the most important reason is that he is parent-like to me. Whenever I feel his presence I feel like I am watched by my parents, he is like a third parent to me. I am totally relaxed in front of him, he has a sense of humor, I can tell a secret or joke in front of him, but also he is very open for giving advises too.

2. His personality

His personality is probably the second reason why I admire him most. He is the type of guy that is calm, muscular dude with  brown eyes and soft celebrity-alike hairstyle. But I would not go further into describing his outer appearance, as that will sound gay, which I’m not lol. Okay as I said first, his personality is what I listed second and I have a reason for that. He is always calm, no matter what the situation is. He handles every situation like a pro, and he has the mindset of a 21st century person. If I told him tomorrow that my girlfriend is pregnant, he wouldn’t panic or curse as he is not stupid middle-aged freak, his mentality is awesome and that’s what I like mostly about people.

3. His Knowledge

Third of the reasons, is knowledge. Everything I learned until today (and still learning) about world news, politics, soccer, basketball, sports and general life-hacks, was taught to me by him. As he is attending the best faculty in our city, he has gained a lot of knowledge and I hope one day he will have a big promising career that will bring him fortune and lot of clients.  His knowledge goes same for his advises, every advise he has given me until now was based on his knowledge. He never talks before knowing the facts.

4. HE’S Realistic

Although this reason hurts me badly sometimes, I have to agree this is one of the top 4 reasons why I admire and love him. He is realistic and honest. He made me eat healthy and made me aware of my unhealthy eating routine for the past years, and is never lying me. He is always open with me, and he spreads his words and opinions about me in front of me without lying me. He is realistic even tho that is often savage. That’s a very good thing because if he wasn’t realistic I would not have changed many things about me today which I am happy I did.


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    1. Yes that’s true we all have that special person in our lives that we can always run to whenever we feel down cast or we feel frustrated. For me i can say that person is my mum. Me and my mum have been friends ever since I was born. We have a strong bond that i guess no one else can really reach. She has always been there for encouraging me and just letting me know that whenever I need a shoulder to cry on she is always there. She is one person that i feel very comfortable around, i can tell her anything. We discuss issues we laugh and cry together she is truly my strength when am down. She has been so patient with me. Sometimes I could get rebellious but then sit back and think, what am I doing does my mum really need to stress out coz of me? Of course not so i obviously stop and go back to being the nice girl that i am. So i appreciate her very much and i always pray for her that God may grant her more and more wisdom and strength long live my Momma!


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