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Ways to make money online

There are many ways to earn online. I am going to talk about some of the ways in this article. You can make money through your own content, blog or website, or by doing some work on other websites. Like marketing in field, one can do marketing online and earn good amount. There are many websites which pay for just clicking on the ads. So the ways through which you can make money online are:

  1. Affiliate Marketing: This method is popular these days, and some people claim that they are earning good income by this way. In affiliate marketing you have to promote the products of various companies online, through your website, blog or by sharing it on social media. When some one purchases the product promoted by you, the selling company will give some commission to you. In this way you can earn good money by promoting more and more products of various companies. One of the most popular company is Amazon.
  2. Working on Websites:  There are many websites which are giving money for doing different activities, like writing articles, posting comments, voting polls and many more. Just sign up with these and start earning. Few of the most popular websites are : literacybase, mylot and many more.
  3. By having own blog/website: If you have your own blog/website then also you can earn money by displaying ads on you content. This can be done in two ways, the most popular google adsense or using third party ads other than adsense. For adsense, just signup with google and apply for adsense, when approved you can place google ads on your blog/ website and earn money. You can also use third party ads other than google to increase your earning.
  4.  By uploading videos on youtube: You can earn money by uploading you own videos on youtube. Just create a youtube channel enable it for monetization, share your videos on social media. Google will show ads on your video and this way you can earn good amount.
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    1. Informative article on how to earn money online. No doubt as you have told there are different ways as mentioned above to earn online but you have to have technical knowledge of the same. Many of the websites are fraud to or even if they are not they do not pay money for work done on time. There must be some way accountability is there on these companies. Last but not the least these people have to have an accredition system as if it is their the confidence of the people who are dealing with them increases over a period of time. Thanks for the share.

    2. I know many of the websites are fraud, but also there are genuine websites which pay for hard work. Like some of PTC websites claims they give high a pay per click, but when you reach the payout threshold they will block your ID and your hard work got wasted.

    3. For more details of online earning ways you can also go through my blog: https://learntoearnways.blogspot.in/


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