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Washing machine sanyo best ever
April 25, 2017

I had bought my washing machine 4 years ago and have been using this machine almost daily. I did not trust this brand first was uncomfortable with product that I do not read anything for it

But we bought it since it was on offer and was good price for us that time

It is half automatic and top loading. It also has many different wash cycles. It allows you to use it the way you want. It has 5 full programs regular, blanket, delicate and soaking, and heavy, from which you can select and dry to maximum. It has a delicate program in which for silk dresses, it will do round and stop then another round and stop to, so nice and smoothly , though was anxious to try, I was so happy I did try it. Even when it dried the silk dress, it was soft on the dress and work seconds and stop so to not hurt the dress. You also can soak and leave them in the washing machine for 1 hour before washing

so no need for balls any more, this machine does any thing

I prefer to save my time and use it whole cycle. There are 8 water levels also so you choose to which level you can wash like if you are washing just 3 dresses then you can take the first or second option of water level and so on.

That saves money and water. select the water level according to your dresses from minimum 1 to full 8 depending on your dresses numbers

Dresses and shirts are clean. Blanket too, heavy clothes as towels also clean and almost dry. Satisfied . you can also bleach and heat wash. I am happy that we bought the machine and it will stay , sanyo is best machine and if i will buy soemthing in the future, full automatic then its full automatic from sanyo

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