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I remember when the people of the nation of the USA. On a slightly spinning planet revolving around the cosmos knew their day has change. From the invasion of Iraq and 9/11 and by this current history, our fate has sealed a changing world of change. We our now in an epoch of change. An epoch of a new age.

I have been watching a close conception of the events unfolding in our new age. The world seem to explode in the year since the start of the new millennium.  Many events happen during the start of the millennium, that it is a curiosity as to what is happening.

America. The United States of America has been a lucky country. We haven’t had a major invasion. Yes, the natives who lived on this land were dispace. The original inhabitants of the country. But our European capitalist standards, we bought most of this land. They died mainly from diseases. Not war and invasion. Most of our conquests were from regions of land that were already colonized from other European powers, or our post-european colony brother down south. An exception is Hawaii, which we made up by integrating as one our United states.

Our Civil war, compared to europe, was very much soften by the number of lives. WW2, as comparison, had the biggest number of deaths ever in one moment. With the most happening around the soviet union. That is where I can understand the mindsets of the regions of the planet, compared to the strait puritanism of the USA compared to the despot which is everywhere in between.

The middle east was ignored, and Hitler’s reign began with an end of the alcoholic probation in the United States.

On September 11, 2001 the US was faced with an unexpected punch in the face. Almost 3000 citizens were killed by the attack on the twin towers. A new common enemy was declared to replace the antagonizes of communism and the soviet union. A war on terrorists set a foot.

But this new common enemy has morph and change to almost a crusade of modern proportions. It has morphed into a hatred of islam, vs a west and european virtues of christ as God, good, and the way.


Two wars were establish. A war in afghanistan in 2001. And a war in iraq in 2003. The first has been the longest war the US has ever been involved with. And the later is an anomaly as to why it was started. Most likely as a legacy for the father of the president’s war in the nineties.  

Religion was not the starting force of the ever increasing modern crusade. It is weird. What started it was communism. In the last days of the soviet union, they invaded Afghanistan. To establish Afghanistan as the last stan vestige of a union of stans.  And it failed. I believe it was the last blow to a union of nation states held together in a shared culture of atheism.

What led to the eventual state of 9/11 was the result of atheism and the conquest of our shared religious cousin. That is what al-qaeda perceive it as. And that was how we ended up with the longest wars in our nation’s history.


Another epoch, during the vietnam war, was the epoch of the war on drugs. Nixon hated the revolution of the black power movements and the hippie crowds. No, you just fight for land, country, and ideals of that country. As a consequence. A hypocrisy of ruin to the ideals this country was fighting for. Democracy. And the masses of the people were declared enemies if they couldn’t have the measures to face up to the mass murder of people. As a consequence, as Nixon became too paranoid, and resign, the war soon followed suit. As the people fighting and supporting couldn’t find a victory. As they had little motivation to fight an endless war. It ceased.


I am like the iraq, afghani, and vietnam war. I too, by the early semester, created a self imposed war. I am probably overreacting to this. The early part of the after Trump years were not good. And I had many chances with a comparison of no chance. Or self impose chance itself.


On the election of 2012. After a second victory from the first person of African descent to become President of these United States, vs the construct of our first Mormon President, a post christian religion, a new Americanism was form. The marijuana industry.

It was, and still is, a new California gold rush. Born from Washington, and especially Colorado, it brought new hope to a long battle between gruesome Cartels down south, and the highest ratio of incarcerated people in the world. It was the wild wild west of a new industry.


Many shootings occurred prior to the legalization. And huge ones after. Did it heal the wounds of violence and mass murder and destruction (war). Nope. This drug is an awakener. With Booze, we are poised to relax and do what the master wants. Caffeine. Makes us focus. Pot. The new popular casual famous recreational drug, is poised for our understanding. The American public woke up because of this drug. And as each election channel express their imminent expression.


Isis. The organization that has resulted from the war in iraq. Of Course the douchebags who supported the cause. Of course a worst version of al-qaeda has evolved to fill in the gaps of a broken country which only had a dictator.  But the isis anomaly has change. It has evolve into something more. Many westerners had and have ventured into the recesses of the levant.

Many locals and government officials lost everything. Others are disenfranchised, and just don’t jive with the western way of thinking.  Many muslims from other countries and converts came to join the fight for a way they feel is falling. That has failed and betrayed them. They really are angry, and have nothing but the common enemy of the western world.

They have, renegades, and other islamic extremists, have freak out, or snapped, which caused great harm and death to many innocents. All of this, under the stress of our current system of culture.

The US is to blame for isis. Of course attacking and making an enemy of an age old enemy of the Catholic church would cause great suspicion and cause distrust to the major powers of the day. The name Isis, is an acronym for “Islamic state in iraq and syria”


It is weird, as communism, before WW2, was our allie. America practice a form of isolationism, it didn’t really care about communism before the soviet union became a huge, raging juggernaut. But alas, the soviet union has fallen down into many nation states.

Communism has pist off islamists too though. The chinese wegar population has been strongly suppressed by the people’s republic of China. A traditionally islamic people. China is the last in a state of propose communist structured governesses.

But government declared communist states have been dying around the world. Socialism has been gaining the upper hand, but communism has been a steadily dying breed.

Cuba has open its doors, and Castro has died. North Korea has been flexing it’s muscles. Like Islam, it is not going to go down without a fight.

My theory to the new world is this. The Us will get its victory plan as they wanted since ww2. Fighting two fronts across the globe. A fight against complete ancient imperialism on one side. And a fight against a strange, other worldly cult base society with a new dictator called fascism on the other side.

But it will end like the british empire. Or even worst. As the style of wars the US wants to fight today has been forced by the us. It was enacted by idiots. For a long dead legacy.


The Trump phenome is a result of many arrogance created by the (feminist) phonma.  It was a result of forced 50’s legacy imposed by both parties. People, from where I’m at, are much more relax when he was elected president. He is a sign we want our empire and war to stop. Were sick of all this stupidity for an ancient legacy.   

But he is perhaps the best chance we have at the (fucking) moment. America really is not at a good epoc in its social history comparatively to the world around us. It will always progress. Always. But the imaginative 50’s ideal has caused a lot of pain into the American people.

But he might led us into a ground war with North korea. Who knows.

America was a hypocrisy, and still is a hypocrisy. Trump is just like any other president. He was elected because he is the imagine of the white penis. He is the reflection of the white penis. He reflects what the white penis is and feels.

But he is even more of a renegade then Bernie Sanders, the socialist reformer was. What a dire legal and cultural system, or great awakening we are heading too with the past election.

With the recent murder by russian deadpool, and the recent terrorist and home ground shootings base on sexual expression. Or the murder of the creation of sexual expressions. Manchester. Newport. Hitler’s youth. Wooooo

What a world. This is the most peaceful time in human history. Great awakening. Yet to know.




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