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Update: Unhappy with Mercari’s New Update
April 28, 2017


I wrote about my concerning experience with Mercari lately where my listings are not being viewed by anyone when normally if I post, I would get at least a dozen or so views. Lately, it has been ZERO! I went onto Mercari’s Facebook Website and saw many people experiencing the same problem and it is because they have a new “cool down” feature that was not announced publicly. I do not understand Mercari’s new update feature in fact it is not even benefiting them.

For every sale they are making 10% commission easily. I have been a member since February 2017 and I have had 15 sales. Each sale, the website takes 10% commission fee. I estimated they have already made at least $50 from my sales and they are just the third party sitting there collecting while I am doing the work – listing, posting, communicating with others, and shipping. They are there to have publicity for my items I have for sale.

So this *new* feature now called “cool down list” meaning if you post too much listings for sale your listing will not be searchable and not shown on the website therefore what is the point of even listing? In order to get off the “cool down list” you have to sell more items. If your items are not featured then how do you even sell? I contacted Mercari via Facebook Chat and all the customer service representatives keep telling me sorry for the inconvenience of this new feature. I told them it makes no sense and they of course are not useful. If I were a large company like them, why not just give a warning if someone posts too much?  I do not understand their strategy in the business but I may have to say farewell to them and stick with Poshmark only.

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    1. Wow! I was wondering why my sales had gone down because I was doing great on Mercari! I had maybe 2 sales a week (which was pretty good considering I hadn’t had a big closet of stuff) and now nothing! It’s very annoying


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