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Traveling By Sea is So Relaxing
May 8, 2017

My family went on a week-long vacation to an island we longed to visit for a very long time.

It was fun, and so nice to ride a roll-on-roll-off ship, or an inter-island ship which is a common mode of transportation in-between islands in our country. It is relatively cheaper than riding a domestic flight, or in an airplane.

I enjoyed watching the blue sea, the small waves, and the mountains and small islands we passed by. It calms the spirit; it is so relaxing to feel the cool air touching my face. The inter-island ship has an air conditioned area for passengers’ seats, but I preferred to sit at a bench outside that area, where I can watch the sea and the beautiful mountains dotting the skyline.

I caught almost everything in my tablet camera, photos and some videos of it, so I could “review” what I had seen along the way.

We were on the ship for about three hours. Some of my family members just slept all along the trip, but I just watched the beautiful scenery. It is indeed so beautiful; the contrasting colors of the deep blue sea, the green mountain ranges, and the white clouds above. From time to time, I could see some houses dotting the mountain sides, or resorts near the beautiful shorelines. I was so sorry I failed to bring along my binoculars so I can see the view at a closer range.

When traveling by boat or ship, I always wonder what people along the way are doing. I enjoyed watching fishermen on their small boats; some using only paddles, while others have motorized bancas so they could move at a faster speed.

It was so good to travel by sea during the dry months in our country because the sea looked so flat; so silent and so still. I wished I could spot any big fish or dolphins, but there was none. Some years ago, I spotted a group of five dolphins that “followed” the ship we were riding. It was such a beautiful sight!

Before May ends, we are again planning another vacation; and I think we will ride an inter-island ship again.It is so exciting to experience traveling by sea!

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    1. cely said on May 8, 2017

      Very nice, so relaxing, I relax myself dipping in sea thrice a week.Which island did you go, in Boracay?

    2. zasa said on May 8, 2017


    3. Dina said on May 26, 2017

      From what place to what another place did you travel by a roro ship?

      It is really so nice when travelling boat. You can see the beauty of nature, the sea and the mountains and islands it passes by.

      When it is already at almost the center of the sea and it is summer, the sea looks so calm. You can also see the things under the water, the corals and small rocks. The water is so clear that you really can see them so clearly.

      My siblings and I experienced this always before, when we were just children and we would always go outing with my parents and have to take a motorized boat to an island.


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