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Top US Universities for MBA

The United States of America is considered as the mecca of higher education for pursuing management courses. The US boasts of several management institutes that can land anyone to the top corporate offices holding apex positions and senior management posts in any prominent company. The country is considered to be the hub of management programs and is undoubtedly the largest economic engine of the world.

A star-studded degree at the end of two years from the top MBA institutes in US provides students with the opportunity to reach the zenith of success in their life. It gives the students an opportunity to study in an enriching and global environment that aims at bringing an overall personality development of the student.

The United States has several MBA institutes that feature amongst the best MBA colleges in the entire world. The famous five MBA institutes of US are as follows:

1)Harvard Business School

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, the Harvard Business School is invariably the best B-School in the world. The institute provides management programs encompassing every domain. The talented and the academically strong folks land at the Harvard Business School. The students are provided with practical knowledge that helps them to deal with real life problems.


2)Standford Graduate School of Business

The Standford University is not only the best MBA institute of California but it is one of the top most universities in the world. It offers a two-year standard MBA course with the view to develop cognitive vision amongst the students. The institute has world-class faculty members and has even produced several CEOs of the world’s top organizations.


3)The University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is one of the most preferred study destinations for pursuing any management program. Located in Chicago, the institute provides a 21 months course helping the student to broaden his perspective and vision to analyze problems. The best part the institute offers the students is to generate key insights and develop creative solutions.

4)Massachusetts Institute of Technology

One of the supreme MBA institutes of the world, the institute bestows an unparalleled integration of ultra-modern technology and live case studies. The internationally renowned faculty members propel students to achieve their life goals. The course curriculum provides in-depth knowledge along with innovative ideas.

5)University of Pennsylvania

A part of the Ivy League School, the University of Pennsylvania is one of the oldest institutes that started offering numerous management courses. The college is globally recognized for cognitive leadership across every major trade of business education. The students are given practical knowledge to implement things in the easiest and the most appropriate way.

In order to seek admission in the various US Universities the students need to write the TOEFL exam which is basically a test to test the communication skills of the students. The students are also required to write the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) exam. A letter of recommendation and industry experience acts like a cherry on the cake.

The various MBA Universities of the United States usually focus on acting and working smart rather than working too hard. The methodology that is usually followed to teach is students are basically case study driven. At the end of two years the students are gifted with a stellar degree and outstanding management skills.

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