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Top Universities in US of America

The United States of America is invariably the topmost study destination for all students around the world. The country has some of the best universities in the world that encompass nearly each and every domain. There is a mushroom growth of international students every year in the United States. Students of various nationalities come to this country to pursue higher studies as the country boasts of its research and development facilities.

The advanced learning system and resources aid the student community to help pursue their dreams and career. The top universities of USA have provided the best of opportunities to the student folks all across the globe virtually across various disciplines. The top universities of US are as follows:

1)Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This is arguably the best institute to study in the United States. It is a tough place to get in but provides quality education. It has been the alma mater to the world’s top scholars. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been ranked one for the past three-four years in several surveys.

2)Standford University

Standford is traditionally cited as one of the best universities of US. It is a part of the non-Ivy League of colleges. Students need to be extra meritorious to enter into the Standford University.

3)University of California- Berkeley

The University of California is a place where every graduate loves to pursue research and development. This university provides both practical and classical knowledge to the students.

4)Carnegie Mellon University

Termed as the birthplace of innovation the Carnegie Mellon University has been producing several entrepreneurs all over the world. The university helps their students across various domains like science, technology, arts etc.

5)Cornell University

The Cornell University is a private university located in New York. It is a part of the Ivy League of colleges. Various unconventional ideas are used by the faculty to teach their students. It has been ranked in the top 10 colleges since the past few years.

6)University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

This University has produced several influential people in the world. The university is testimony of innovative research and had developed the first graphical web browser. Students coming from several countries opt for the University of Illinois.

7)University of Washington

The University of Washington has been one of the pioneer institutes to pursue higher education. The unshakable positive attitude to tackle various challenges and problems has been one of the several features the University has been renowned of.

8)Princeton University

Princeton University has been the most vibrant college for students providing knowledge in nearly every sphere, humanities, social sciences and engineering. It is one of the oldest colleges of the United States and provides world class education.

9)University of Texas- Austin

This University provided dozens of top ranked programs. The faculty members blend technical knowledge with new learning techniques which has been one of the major reasons of the significant rise of the University in the charts.

10)Georgia Institute of Technology

The University is located at Georgia has provides unparalleled technical knowledge as compared to the other universities.

These US universities provide scholarships to the meritorious students across the globe. Every university in the US works on different perspective, each endowed with innovative skills. They groom students in such an extraordinary way which makes them look different from the normal crowd.

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