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Tips to Make Working in the Kitchen a Joy

Kitchen work is sure considered a drudgery and many shy away from it.

There are exciting things that happen in the kitchen that can bring you joy given the proper mindset. .

Here are a few approaches.

  1. First and foremost a total involvement in the kitchen layout will add a spring in one’s step.

A well planned kitchen is a joy to work in.  Having least movements between the pantry and the kitchen is the secret to a well designed kitchen. Planning a compact kitchen is the way to go.

Some have a notion that larger the kitchen space more comfortable one is.  It is a wrong notion.

2.  The next step is to fill up the pantry

Drawing up a list of items that are regularly required is yet another exercise that helps one add yet another spring in one’s step.  A well stuffed pantry could be any housewife’s dream
3.     Organising a day’s work will reduce tension and will help one get on with the day’s work.  In a relaxed way

4      Once a decision is taken about the menu for the day, getting all the ingredients is a must rather than running to the mall to fill up gaps. I was planning on making a cheese soufflé and assuming I had all the ingredients I went about preparing the dish.  What I thought was cheese turned out to be butter  Ther3e was little time left and so had to make changes at the last minute – indeed a frustrating experience.

5    Needless to say attention also needs to be given to the cutlery and crockery that is required on a day to day basis. That which is required when guests arrive should be kept separately so that it is easier to pull out that which is required everyday


6   Needless to mention that it is necessary that the kitchen  should be spic and span

Dishes should not be piled up over night.

To summarise this is where one

S attention should go to ensure smooth and happy working in a kitchen

  1. Compact kitchen
  2. Well stocked pantry
  3. Ensuring availability of all ingredients for what is planned to be cooked
  4. Easy access to cutlery and crockery
  5. A spic and span kitchen.
  6. Planning is the secret to peace.

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