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Tip: Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry!
March 16, 2017
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Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 7.43.57 PM

If you are a budget grocery shopper, a well known tip is to NOT go grocery shopping when you are hungry because you will most likely overspend!

My fiancé and I went grocery shopping yesterday but we forgot to grab one item which was cream cheese. After running some errands, we decided to stop by Trader Joe’s to get the tub of cream cheese for the raisin bread are having for breakfast this week. I was supposed to run in for just the one item and guess what? I walked out with 6 other items in my basket.

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What is cool about Trader Joe’s is they have a section dedicated for new additions to the store are displayed there. I came across several items but limited myself to purchasing just one which is the Organic Grapefruit Ginger Splash. I have been loving ginger teas so I was curious how grapefruit and ginger would be blended together. I also hear grapefruit is good for you and I do not like the fruit itself, so let me see if I will like the juice version.

Next up, is a repurchase and its called Volpi Snacks “Roltini” Mozzarella and Prosciutto Ham. I like this because its good as a snack or on the go and what interests me most is that there is no nitrates or nitrites added since nitrates are not good for you.

Then, I was craving for some pita chips. I usually eat the pita chips alone since its flavored but I decided to give the Spinach Kale Greek Yogurt Dip a try! Lastly, you cannot forget some ice cream – they are super mini ice cream cones with vanilla ice cream and chocolate coating!

And of course, I did get the one item I really needed which was the tub of cream cheese.

Taste Test Review:

  • Spinach Kale Greek Yogurt Dip – I was hoping I would like this but I did not. I was looking for more of Spinach Artichoke Dip but I did not find any there. The flavor was a little lemony because of the greek but goes well with bread or pita chips just I did not like the flavor personally.
  • Mini Ice Cream – It was a nice treat but I did not like the texture of the chocolate coating and vanilla, tasted a little soggy.
  • Mozzarella and Prosciutto Ham – Delicious as always!

The rest of the purchase, I have yet to taste!

Do you grocery shop when you’re hungry?

    1. It’s a nice tip. But if you will get grocery items which you or your family can consume later, then nothing is wasted.

      • Yes that is right!

        I did waste money on the dip $4 – I do not like it. It is a risk trying new food items.

    2. Can’t agree more, haha!
      There is some food tasting stall in the supermarket during the weekend, it made us craving for testing and buy it ended up, especially when the kids have tried them out! Haha!
      And, moreover, the kids might want to open the wrapper and eat the food even before able to make payment at the cashier counter if they are really hungry enough.
      Thus, you are right, never go shopping when we are hungry. Haha!
      Over spending is sure happen thing.

      • Yes, I always over shop in general but especially when I am hungry. When I am hungry and grocery shopping. I want to buy everything especially new items to try! 🙂

    3. I can really relate to this. Going to the grocery when hungry makes me want to put all the foods that I see. Oh, even if I am not hungry I want to load my cart with those sweet chocolates. How I wish I will not limit myself of what I eat. But of course, there are times that I will reward myself and it is considered as cheat day for me.

    4. Yeah, I agree. I can’t relate from this blog.

      Going to the grocery with an empty stomach can make you spend the budget that is supposedly for grocery items. Unless you have extra money for it.

      When I am full before going to the grocery, I was just looking at those foods in the food court without salivating. 🙂

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