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Tip: Check The Expiration Date!
April 10, 2017

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When you go grocery shopping do you check the expiration date? I often see people just grab what they need and continue on with their shopping trip but they never take the extra second to check the expiration date. I always stop and check the expiration date. Why do you ask? I want the longest date possible which means fresher or newer product whereas the one that is expiring closest has been on the shelf for a long time, and unwanted. Regardless of expiring near or further – you are still paying the full retail price so why not be selective and getting the quality you deserve! However, some grocery stores do mark down prices if the product expires soon or on the day of. Sometimes you even find expired items on the shelf! But generally the grocery stores I shop out just tosses out expired items and does not mark them down at all. I sure hope they donate the food items though or perhaps allow the employees to bring them home because that would go to a waste!

Recently, for the past couple of months – I have noticed a trend (just my theory) reference the photo I snapped of milk cartons, for an example – where if a product expires ‘closer’ they flip the product where the expiration date does not show. And the ones in the back you could see the date, so I do not know if this is some sort of strategy or makes your eyes confused – to think you are getting a further date and just grabbing the closest milk carton? But a general tip is anything within grabbing distance to you is the product that expires the closest whereas if you grab from the back or towards the back is the much newer fresher product! I always opt for getting products toward the back!

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    1. Yes, I came to know about that from one of the myLotters here who worked in a supermarket. She says to always get from the back of the displayed products because they have the expiration dates are not yet near.

      Last Saturday, auntie and and went to buy lots of breads. One was with tuna and I forgot to check the date. We were able to eat some and there are still some left yesterday. Today at breakfast, I saw that it has some old already. I remembered not checking the expiration date and when I looked at the plastic cover, there was none. 🙁

      • Ever since I was young, my dad always checked expiration dates so it grew on me and now I do the same.

        Sometimes we forget, but if a product does not have an expiration date. We don’t buy it. Or if we feel the expiration date has been altered we do not buy it also.

    2. Yes. This is a useful tip. Most of the times people do not pay attention to verify the date of expiry and dump them into their basket.this is not a good practice in shopping. We go shopping and spend some 2 or 3 hrs but do not to spend some 2 minutes to verify this date and sometimes deliberately neglect it taking it for granted.
      Nowadays, in order prove their reliability the shopping Malls introduced a new practice of selling such items on heavy Discounts. If a bottle of fresh orange juice costs Rs.100/- the discount on the same product which is very close to the expiry date will be available for Rs.35/- only. One is tempted to have them. Unless one is sure of using the said item within the expiry date one will not opt for it.

      • There are some people who purchase the products that expire very soon (1 day prior) or on the day of if they can finish the product. Some products even shown as expired could technically be used within the week like canned goods. But for milk and stuff, sometimes even before the expired date – the milk can go bad.

        I like to spend the extra second to check the expiration date, after all we are paying for the goods so why not be selective? 🙂

    3. I have noticed as well that they tend to place the items that are almost expired in the front. It makes sense because they want to sell the item asap but it’s also unfair to the customer to get a product that won’t last as long as it should. I have noticed this especially with yogurt and it really irritates me. So now I’ve learned my lesson and always check the dates first.

      • Yes, I have noticed it for yogurt as well. It is not fair for us customers, but they need to get rid of inventory also.

        But, they should really mark down the ones expiring since that is not fair for customers to have to pay retail cost for something that is not going to last long compared to the ones stocked toward the back.


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