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Thoughts on Lyft, Uber Rides for Transportation?

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Literally one in every five cars I see on the road works for Uber, Lyft or both. It is an easy way to earn money by driving people around however for me I prefer not to be on the road often because it could be dangerous. From word of mouth, I hear the best time to drive is during the night especially around down town or areas that have concerts, clubs, night life going on because they are ones who usually do not drive to these events. But, you are most likely picking up a crowd (you can pick up to four people as it is a requirement to have a 4 door car) so 4 vs 1 (being the driver) I do not feel easy. And, what if it was me as a driver being a woman with four men – even though they all be nice, I still do not feel safe for myself. Especially where I live – the traffic is not the greatest nor the drivers plus I do not feel safe driving strangers. There has been lots of horrible stories relating to Uber, Lyft but if one needs a job and has a reliable car that meets the requirements by all means it is a decent job that you can work on your hours.

As far as riding these transportation services – I never have and I do not feel that I would ever do so. I prefer to be driven by someone I can trust and know or drive myself. I rarely take any public transportation then again it is not very popular in my area to do so. But there are some options like the bus, train. You do not see taxis as often unless you call on request or at the hotel, airport, downtown area. It is more common to take Lyft, Uber if needed.

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