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Those Plants Use As A Tea And Its Benefits
April 11, 2017

I am used to drinking a cup of tea every morning I wake up. It is a usual thing that I do before I begin my day. And so, I research some of the tea that is common and is good for our body.

  1. Raspberry raspberry teaThe dried leaves and the fruit of raspberry plant can be use as tea. It has a good benefit to our body aside from weight loss effect and antioxidants as most tea does. It is proven that this is very good for our heart’s health. The leaf can also use to treat diarrhea, wounds, and colic pain.
  2. Lavander lavanderLavander is a plant that can be spread and grow on the ground quickly that is why it is considered as a weed in other countries, however, this weed is very much beneficial to our health. It soothes stress and anxiety, it induces sleep, it is good for the skin and hair health, as well as it has an anti-inflammatory property. We can also use this as our tea, flavoring spice to many dishes, salad dressing, sauce flavor and other beverages.
  3. Dandelion dandelionDandelions can be everywhere around your house with its beautiful yellow flower. It is also considered as weeds, supernatural weeds. It is very good for our stomach health as well as our skin. It can even use to treat muscle pains, bruises, gallstone, eczema, and joint pain. It has also laxative property that helps in a good bowel movement and it can use as the blood tonic, digestive tonic, and skin toner.
  4. Lemongrass lemongrassLemongrass is very common for culinary use and of course as a tea. It is very good in cleansing our body because of its antioxidant content. This also lowers blood cholesterol, lessen stomachache, and can treat common colds, fever, and cough.

With those listed plant, lemongrass is what I use often becuase of its availability in our place. I love the taste and its aroma.

    1. The thing that gets me with tea is that when I was growing up there was only Lipton Tea. Now I’m a adult and come to find out almost anything can be made into a tea! That’s so wonderful! Can’t do that with coffee! 🙂

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