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This is what food is like at an American Restaurant
February 22, 2017


Most restaurants here will have a special section of the menu featuring a deal typically for two people. I like to browse that section first before browsing the original menu because you can get sometimes get your money’s worth!

For instances, this restaurant Chili’s, you can choose an appetizer and then two full size entrees for only $22 dollars plus tax – in the past it was 2 for $20 but it has increased by 2 bucks since.

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Appetizer to Share

  • Half Texas Cheese Fries, the photo is with chili. Essentially french fries topped with cheese, jalapeños and chili. Garnished with green onions.


  • What my boyfriend would order – Half Rack of Baby Back Ribs with your choice of side. He had a side of mac n’ cheese.
  • What I would typically order – Classic Bacon Burger and instead of fries since we had fries as an appetizer, I had loaded mash potatoes topped with bacon bits and shredded cheese

If you were to order this entire meal seperately, the appetizer would be$4.89, half rack of ribs would be $11.39, bacon burger would be $9.99. Essentially the appetizer is “like” free. And these food selects are what we typically would have ordered anyway so it is a win, win situation for us!

We do not typically eat at Chili’s, but occasionally when there is a good deal we may consider it. Simply by being a Rewards member of Chili’s which is completely free to sign up, you will be emailed on going promotions for instance: $10 off your purchase of $30 or more, free dessert of your choice with no purchase required, free appetizer for dine in, free kids meal, and etc. Plus for every purchase you make, you will accumulate points to redeem for free food!

At restaurants where you live do they have a special menu too? Do you order from the special menu?

    1. That meal is already complete, so no wonder it is expensive for me, when I converted it to peso to know how much it costs in our money.

      Here, there are budget meals, like rice and a viand and that can be as low as 100 pesos or $2.00. However, you don’t have a veggie for that meal and also the drinks. But should you want you will have to go for the budget meal that also have those and it will cost you also about 150 pesos or $3.00

      I noticed American foods like yours are always with French fries. Here French fries too is the side dish of a burger meal. And it’s well Loved too by students especially because it is also cheap , just 77 pesos or $1.54 only.

      • I guess the budget meals would be like ramen instant noodles which is like $1.00. The cheapest burger you can get is off the $1 menu, but not typically the best quality either.

        Yes, a lot of American foods come with french fries, or you can opt for something else sometimes too. 🙂

        I will be sharing more what food is like here… I have lots of photos but not food I have eaten recently as I am trying to eat healthier. These are old photos hehe.

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