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This is what an American Restaurant meal may look like..
February 27, 2017
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Since many of the bloggers here on Literacy Base are located in different countries – I thought it would be an interesting concept for me to write about how food is like in America, specifically where I live in California and of foods I have eaten. Plus, I have a ton of food pictures that I have taken over the course of the years so I thought I would share them with you all.

Typically when you dine at a restaurant when given the menu, you will be able to see available appetizers, entrees, desserts, and drinks. You can order anything from the menu that you would like.

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At this restaurant, if we order a more expensive entree for instances – steak or ribs, we would get the option to select two side options whereas if you buy a burger or sandwich for instances, you will get the set side item which would be french fries.

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Although the steak and ribs are the most expensive on the menu, ultimately I think it is a better value. Why? The soups already are $6 each if we had ordered them individually as an appetizer.

What we ordered to eat?

My boyfriend ordered a full rack of baby back ribs and two choice of sides. He selected his favorite soup which is calm chowder and a side of asparagus. I ordered the rib-eye steak and for my two side, I had my favorite soup which is the chicken tortilla and side of french fries which we both shared among each other. Since the portion size is quite large, we brought the left overs home for dinner.

And there are incentives to eating at this restaurant, because you earn points. Once you accumulate a certain amount of points, you can redeem for money off your check, free entree, free dessert and on going promotions in your email – sometimes for a free dessert, buy one get one free entree, half off deals.

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